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What does a Flute Teacher do?

Kasey James
Kasey James

A flute teacher is responsible for teaching students how to read sheet music and play an instrument and must come up with lessons to make music fun. This person may work directly for a school or may tutor music students after school. Some flute teachers work in a middle school setting where they focus on the beginning stages of learning music.

Students who are just starting out in music learn how to read music and how to play scales on their flutes first. As the students get better, the flute teacher may lead a concert band and give school performances. Flute teachers can also be used in high school. Most high school students are more advances in their musical skills.

Flute teachers instruct their students in reading sheet music.
Flute teachers instruct their students in reading sheet music.

The teacher may help students who play in the symphony, concert band, or marching band. A flute teacher in this setting will work with more challenging sheet music and may have to teach students how to march and play their flutes at the same time. Students at this level may also be working on memorizing music for shows.

A small musical group may hire a flute teacher to work with their musicians. The flute teacher can help the group perfect its musical talents and specifically help with the flutist of the group. Many flute teachers can work with the piccolo players, too. A piccolo is an instrument that is very similar to the flute, but much smaller.

Another job for flute teachers is to offer private or group music lessons. These lessons usually last for about an hour per session. They can be done inside the student's home or somewhere like a music studio. A flute teacher can make a good living giving private lessons, as they can be quite costly. Private lessons often help music students to become much better at playing the flute and reading sheet music.

The flute may be the teacher's main instrument, but many teachers of music can play the piano and other woodwind instruments such as the clarinet. A flute teacher is usually a master of the flute and can help students with breathing and playing techniques specific to the flute. The teacher may also help students on how to take care and clean their flute properly. Some teachers may rent out flutes to students for a monthly fee.

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    • Flute teachers instruct their students in reading sheet music.
      By: matttilda
      Flute teachers instruct their students in reading sheet music.