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What does a Clarinet Teacher do?

Nat Robinson
Nat Robinson

A clarinet teacher is commonly a trained clarinet player. Due to years of dedication as a musician, he or she can become qualified to teach others to play this instrument. Often, the teacher will hold a degree of some sort in music. Many teachers work from an institution, such as a school, and some are self-employed, providing services themselves. Most students seeking instruction from a clarinet instructor will have an overall interest in learning how to play the clarinet or how to become a better player.

What a clarinet teacher does will greatly depend on his or her workplace. A teacher who holds a college degree and a certification to teach may work at an educational institution. If working from a school, the teacher may work as a general music teacher. He or she may teach students the basic elements of music. This may include introducing the students to different musical instruments and familiarizing students with the sounds of the varying instruments.

A clarinet teacher may instruct students in music theory.
A clarinet teacher may instruct students in music theory.

Often, a middle or high school will have a musical band. At this level, a clarinet teacher will instruct students on how to play and recognize musical notes. As a clarinet player, the student will learn how to use and take care of the instrument. This will commonly include teaching the correct way to assemble the clarinet, including the correct placement of the clarinet reed. The teacher may also show students the proper way to hold the instrument and the proper finger placements to use in order to play the different notes.

Sometimes, a clarinet teacher will be self-employed and in business for herself. In this event, the teacher may work from a privately owned establishment or out of her own home, giving private clarinet music lessons. Instructors may work with entry-level and experienced students. The teacher may work with students ensuring that they know the basic necessities of being a clarinet player. This may mean ensuring they are playing the correct notes, remaining in tune and are holding the correct posture while playing.

There can be many different duties of a clarinet teacher. In most cases, the environment from which the teacher instructs may greatly impact what she or he will have to do on a daily basis. Teachers working at a school will generally teach every day. Self-employed instructors may only give music lessons on certain days and at certain times. In regards to the nature of this work, most people working in this position will generally have a love of music and a desire for teaching others.

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    • A clarinet teacher may instruct students in music theory.
      By: db238
      A clarinet teacher may instruct students in music theory.