What Does a Certified Java® Developer Do?

Erin J. Hill

A certified Java® developer is a professional who writes and alters computer programs using the Java® programming language. Java® was developed by Sun® Technologies in 1992 and it has quickly become one of the more popular languages for programming sophisticated computer systems, programs, and databases. This popularity has grown because Java® can run on any platform and on any operating system.

Once having attained certification as a programmer, a person is eligible to test to become a Certified Java® Developer.
Once having attained certification as a programmer, a person is eligible to test to become a Certified Java® Developer.

To become a certified Java® developer, a specialized education is generally required. Although one may learn Java® programming using books found in the library or online, in order to be certified it is required that one take a training course which is accredited for certification. This usually requires a final exam which students must pass in order to become certified. Training times may vary, although many employers prefer applicants to have at least a four-year college degree.

The day to day tasks of a certified Java® developer may vary depending on the employer. Some developers may specialize in a particular type of software, such as business oriented software or gaming software. These programmers would spend time planning, designing, writing, tweaking, and maintaining software applications. They may also develop new features for existing software in order to introduce upgraded versions of the the same programs.

Other developers may work on less sophisticated programs and a wider variety of software for various companies. These individuals may be self-employed on a freelance basis, or they may work with a software solutions provider. It is possible for them to work one on one with businesses to determine set problems or tasks in order to design and develop software specifically to meet their needs. A certified Java® developer may also work with programs designed specifically to run on certain websites.

Many times a certified Java® developer will also learn and use additional programming languages, web design, or other computer related skills. This allows them to offer a much wider range of services, especially for those programmers who are self employed. For instance, one may design and maintain websites and create and set up databases and other sophisticated programs to run on those sites.

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