What Does a Case Aide Do?

Nicole Madison
Nicole Madison

Case aide job descriptions usually vary based on the hiring company. In general, however, a person in this position supports, monitors, and evaluates the people for whom he is responsible, usually in a human services capacity. For example, a case aide for a social services organization may have a number of cases for which he is responsible, and each case could represent one individual or an entire family. As a case aide, this person serves as a contact for each person or family and answers any questions his clients may have. He might also assist with applications for various types of help, provide support, and monitor the individual's or family's progress.

Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

Though case aide duties may vary from organization to organization, there are many tasks that are common to this title. Usually, a case aide is responsible for providing support to an individual or family in some type of need. For example, a case aide might provide support to people in need of mental health care as well as to people who apply for welfare benefits. An individual with this title may also support troubled youth or individuals in need of foster care. Support can include counseling, referrals to other resources, and checking on the party in question.

Often, a case aide is also responsible for answering questions. For example, he may answer questions from the individual to whom he is assigned, his family members, or others regarding the individual's condition or situation. He may also answer questions regarding a client's eligibility for support programs and other ways in which he can seek help. The manner in which he answers questions usually depends on the policies of the organization for which he works. In some cases, an organization will have confidentiality laws that dictate to whom he can provide information and which types of information he can disclose.

A case aide job may also require a person with this title to spend time monitoring those for whom he is responsible. This might involve keeping track of where they live, work, or go to school. It could also involve keeping track of changes, including those involving income, and making sure that the parties are still eligible for the services they receive. In many cases, a person with this title may also monitor and note any troubling situations in which his clients find themselves.

Sometimes a person with this title also is responsible for attending events and participating in activities with his clients. For example, a person with this title might accompany his clients to community events. Likewise, he may provide transportation to appointments for his clients.

Nicole Madison
Nicole Madison

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