What Does a Business Technology Analyst Do?

M. Kayo
M. Kayo
Man holding computer
Man holding computer

A business technology analyst (BTA) is responsible for addressing complex business problems and finding solutions through the effective application of available technology in order to help businesses function more efficiently. Most BTAs are members of a service delivery team working with an individual business. A business technology analyst looks for ways to help businesses get the most from their existing information technology and computer systems. BTAs help all sorts of businesses to utilize their technology and information systems to create more profitable growth.

Developing strategies that will create profitable growth for customers in sales, service, and marketing is an essential function of a business technology analyst. A working knowledge of computers, information systems, hardware, software and other information technologies provide these analysts with the tools to help businesses get the most from their information technology (IT) systems. Business technology analysts typically help a business to share information more efficiently, to convert raw data into useful information, and to improve its capacity to make more informed decisions. Another function of the business technology analyst is to improve the underlying IT infrastructure that provides support for all business applications. Enhancing the security of information and overall system performance is also important.

Those working as business technology specialists help business employees and information technology personnel understand what is sometimes complex technical information. Due to their continuing face-to-face interaction with people, business technology analysts must also possess skills like patience, the ability to collaborate, and the ability to maintain professional composure in sometimes stressful situations. Working closely with people to establish new procedures that will improve information technology systems is also a critical responsibility of the business technology analyst.

A business technology analyst approaches every situation as an opportunity to assist in solving problems with information technology systems or processes. The task starts with a complete evaluation of the current IT system operating in a particular business. The specific role of these analysts may change with every new project or client as they assist clients in learning new technologies. Analysts must educate clients as to how a new technology can help them become more profitable in a particular industry. One of the rewarding parts of working with people in the capacity of business technology analyst is helping them develop comprehensive business solutions that improve their company's performance and profits while enhancing its value significantly.

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    • Man holding computer
      Man holding computer