What does a Biology Tutor do?

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

A biology tutor is someone who helps a student who is studying biology. The biology tutor assists the student with learning material, preparing for tests, thinking about concepts in biology, preparing lab writeups, devising experiments, and other tasks which may be related to a biology class. The tutor's goal is to help the student develop a firm grasp of biology which will serve the student well in class and beyond.

A biology tutor may be a person who is volunteering.
A biology tutor may be a person who is volunteering.

Sometimes an older student acts as a tutor. For example, in a high school, a senior who excels in the sciences might mentor a first year student who is struggling in biology. Likewise, on the college and university level, students in more advanced classes may work as tutors. Tutors can also be professionals who specialize in helping students with their work; some may focus on biology exclusively while others may offer a range of tutoring services in the sciences.

Working with a biology tutor allows a student to have one on one interactions with someone who knows the material well and can present it in a way which the student will find accessible. Some students benefit from this learning style, while others simply need a little bit of extra help to get on the right foot in a biology class. Tutors can also work in group settings in which a group of students studies together and the tutor directs activities and moves around the room to provide personal assistance to students. Services may be provided on a drop in basis or on a regular schedule, depending on the needs of the student.

A biology tutor may be someone who is volunteering. People may volunteer to meet community service requirements for their school, church, or another organization, or simply because they like volunteering. Conversely, other tutors are paid. Students or their parents may pay a tutor directly, while other tutors are employed by a tutoring organization, learning skills lab, or similar entity to provide tutoring services to students who cannot afford them.

Working with a biology tutor can improve a student's performance in biology and help a student feel more confident in biology classes. Tutors can also help students catch up after absences which might otherwise damage their grades or hold them back in class. When seeking out a biology tutor, students may want to ask for recommendations from classmates or counselors so that they can find a tutor with a reputation for working effectively with students.

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

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