What Does a Biochemistry Tutor Do?

Norma Jean Howland

A biochemistry tutor offers study guidance to a student in the field of biochemistry, which focuses on the chemical characteristics of and reactions in living organisms. This tutor often works one-on-one with a student, who is in college. Usually this kind of tutor works for an hourly fee and is hired by a student who needs extra help studying for an upcoming exam or assistance with general coursework. Often a tutor will work with a struggling student to help him learn better study skills, build confidence, or relieve test anxiety. A tutor may work with students online, on campus, or at home.

Biochemistry tutors may work with students independent of an academic institution.
Biochemistry tutors may work with students independent of an academic institution.

Most often, a biochemistry tutor will work around the student's class schedule, usually tutoring at home or in the library. The tutor may also work online, which can be done from his home or from a wireless computer almost anywhere. A biochemistry tutor will usually earn money by the hour, so his or her income will depend on how many students he or she tutors. Tutors may have regular jobs in addition to their tutoring duties or they may be graduate students working their way through school.

This kind of educational tutor is often hired to help a student prepare for a mid-term or final exam in biochemistry. The tutor may advise the student on study strategies for tests and help assess where the student's weak areas lie. He or she may also provide additional study materials for the student. In some cases, a biochemistry tutor may develop worksheets for the tutoring sessions, especially if he or she is a professor.

Working with a biochemistry tutor can often improve a student's self confidence. A tutor may help the student become more active in class, urging the student to ask questions in order to better comprehend the material. Since the tutor is there to assist the student with homework, this may help ease the student's anxiety and frustration when working on difficult sections of biochemistry.

In order to improve the student's performance, a biochemistry tutor may also spend time trying to find out what is distracting the student. The tutor may help the student develop better study strategies or offer suggestions about time management. This may be needed especially in the first year of college, when students may be away from home for the first time and experiencing new freedoms. A tutor may give the student pointers on where to find quiet places to study and how to stay focused on school work.

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