What do Renewable Energy Companies do?

Erin J. Hill

Renewable energy companies may be involved in creating, harnessing, implementing and inventing new and sustainable energy sources to replace fossil fuels. Petroleum and coal were long the only viable sources of energy for powering homes, vehicles and businesses. However, this is no longer the case. Now there are solar power, wind energy and hydroelectricity to help take the burden off the earth’s nonrenewable resources as well as the atmosphere.

Solar energy companies install solar panels on homes and other buildings to harness the energy of the sun.
Solar energy companies install solar panels on homes and other buildings to harness the energy of the sun.

Due to the threat of global warming and climate change, renewable energy companies have been working tirelessly to harness the energy given by natural and more sustainable sources. One such source is the sun, which gives off enough power in one second to provide electricity for every home on the planet. This amount of energy cannot be harnessed, but it is possible for a usable amount of solar power to be captured and implemented with the use of solar panels.

A wind farm that's used to make renewable energy.
A wind farm that's used to make renewable energy.

Solar energy companies specialize in developing, designing, manufacturing and installing solar panels for use in homes and businesses. Each panel is filled with small wires that carry the energy into the building where it is used as electricity. Since the sun is always available and does not run out of energy, solar power is on the cutting edge of sustainable energy technology.

Other renewable energy companies study various potential energy sources and work to develop new technology that allow them to be used. Potential energy sources include plant matter, waste materials and wind energy. Each of these may hold the potential for becoming an energy source, either through combining them with other ingredients, burning them, or breaking them down as fuel. Research companies set out to discover this hidden potential and make it a reality.

Some renewable energy companies are involved with education used to alert citizens of the dangers of climate change and other damaging effects caused by fossil fuel emissions. These men and women write books, offer public speaking services and travel to schools and universities to encourage others to use renewable energy sources. Although they may not be involved in the making and distributing of these sources (although some educators are involved with researching and providing alternative energy), their mission is equally as important to the success of renewable energy’s progress in the marketplace.

New renewable energy companies are being created everyday. With new technology comes new opportunities in this career field. In order to fully replace the world’s dependence on fossil fuels and other environmentally toxic energy sources, it is important that each of these companies work together to promote change.

A closeup of a solar panel.
A closeup of a solar panel.

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