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What Do Fashion Recruiters Do?

YaShekia King
YaShekia King

Fashion recruiters choose and hire new employees to work at companies that market clothing and other accessory items. These professionals aim to attract workers who will help their organizations to remain profitable by creating and effectively selling apparel that is in line with current trends. People who are interested in becoming fashion recruiters should earn four-year bachelor’s degrees in areas such as fashion merchandising and human resources as well as complete hands-on internships to gain experience in the field.

A chief duty of a fashion recruiter is to draw job candidates to his or her company using a myriad of methods. For instance, he or she can create position postings for the Internet, including for social media websites, or even newspaper advertisements. As a result, these types of professionals need to have solid written communication skills and understand how to list essential functions and educational requirements for fashion industry employment positions.

Woman shopping
Woman shopping

People must understand the lengthy process for hiring an individual if they desire to excel in this industry as well. For instance, recruiters in the fashion field have to read through resumes and applications and decide if a position candidate’s level of experience and training is adequate for his or her desired job role. If so, fashion recruiters set up initial interviews and then refer job seekers for extra interviews with managers if they appear to be promising. Confirming the accuracy of information provided on employment applications and performing background checks also is critical.

Professionals in this field additionally need to have solid networking abilities. A recruiter should develop relationships with area colleges so that fashion degree graduates of the post-secondary schools easily can contact him or her about available positions in their career areas. Fashion recruiters have to be able to establish contacts with employment agencies and even participate in job fairs to attract new talent. Giving presentations at schools also allows this type of individual to promote his or her organization and advertise its job opportunities to possible future workers.

Solid financial skills and creativity are a must for an individual who works in this career area. A person who seeks to become a fashion recruiter needs to know how to create a budget and then develop a recruitment plan that is possible to accomplish within this financial plan. Fashion recruiters create brochures to share with job applicants about their organizations as well and thus should have good design skills.

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    • Woman shopping
      Woman shopping