What Crimes are Associated with Felony 6?

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Felony 6 is a classification of crimes in some regions, but not in others. To confuse matters, each region that uses this classification may use it differently and may associate different crimes with it. In most areas where it is used, it is considered the lowest level felony and is associated with the lowest maximum charges and fines.

Individuals who have committed a felony 6 crime may face arrest.
Individuals who have committed a felony 6 crime may face arrest.

The variety of crimes that may be classed as felony 6 make it difficult to state how any specific region will interpret a criminal act. It’s typically easiest to say that there are certain types of crimes that tend to fall into this classification, and some of them exhibit a certain grey area. Depending on the court system, legal representation, and the history of the person charged, some lower-level felony crimes can become classed as misdemeanors instead.

Examples of felony 6 crimes could include possession of very small amounts of illegal narcotics, certainly not enough to indicate a person plans to distribute or sell the drugs. Damage to property, provided it falls within a maximum dollar amount could also be felony 6. Usually, the damage has to be less than a couple thousand US dollars (USD) or the felony charge gets more serious.

Some forms of assault like aggravated assault occasionally are considered crimes in this class, especially if the person assaulted wasn’t harmed. Making harassing phone calls or visits is another potential crime that would fit in this group. Certain forms of negligence without intent to harm may also be felony 6 crimes.

Occasionally, burglary or property trespass, providing nothing stolen was of considerable value, qualifies for this charge. Defacing property, littering or tampering may be felonies, or misdemeanors. Some areas also define stalking without exceptionally hostile intent as a felony 6 crime.

Often stated in regional law is the determination of when a crime deserves a higher felony ranking. Some things that upgrade felony ranking include if a crime is committed by a public official, if it harms other people, if it is interpreted as having been committed with depravity, if it involved accomplices, or if a death occurred as a result of it. Similar determinations occur in that grey area when a crime is riding the fence between felony 6 and misdemeanor 1. People most likely to get a reduced charge have no criminal record and are frequently charged as juveniles.

Being convicted of a felony strips people of rights. Most people charged and convicted of felony 6 spend at least a year in jail. Having to claim a felony conviction can make life very hard after release, too. It’s important to reflect that even if felony 6 crimes are more minor than others, it’s still very serious if a person is charged with one. People will need good legal representation if they face these charges.

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