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What can I Expect from Entry Level Employment?

Carol Francois
Carol Francois

There are four different things that you can expect from entry level employment: skill building, personal growth, opportunities for advancement and ability to contribute to the organization. Entry level employment is a term used to describe the first position that you obtain within a specific industry or career path. On average, adults change careers seven times in their working lives. Entry level employment typically occurs when there is a shift between careers or at the very beginning of a career.

There are many opportunities to learn new skills from entry level employment positions. New technology, business processes and organizational structures are all new skills that challenge preconceived notions and encourage growth. Entry level jobs are typically task oriented, providing an opportunity to learn new technical skills or use skills learned in training programs.

Businessman giving a thumbs-up
Businessman giving a thumbs-up

The biggest hurdle to career success is attitude. Frustration, anxiety, anger and irritation are all valid emotions that are typically experienced in entry level roles. How you choose to deal with these emotions defines your attitude, which permeates everything that you do. Learning how to accept a challenge is a very valuable use of time and will position you to take advantage of future opportunities.

There are more opportunities for career advancement from entry level positions than at any other level in an organization. Meet all the job requirements, every day. Be punctual, prepared, complete all tasks as efficiently as possible. Offer to help, take on new responsibilities and assist in projects. These small things add up and provide the path to career advancement.

The heart of every organization is the service to the customer. Learning how to provide the very best service is a skill required at all levels of an organization. The front-line staff has the greatest impact on a customer’s impression of a company. To advance your career, provide excellent service that goes beyond the basic requirements on a consistent basis. This will help you develop a higher personal standard of service and allow your supervisor to provide you with an excellent reference letter.

Entry level opportunities can be exciting. Use your enthusiasm to perform the tasks of the job to the best of your abilities. Remember to learn as much as you can from your mistakes, and observe what is happening to people around you. If you have found a career stream that you enjoy, take additional classes. Focused, job-specific training and the experience gained in an entry level job are necessary to advance your career.

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Discussion Comments


Crispety- Part time employment is an easy way to ease into an industry that you always wanted to try.

Often many people wanting to own a business in a particular industry try to actually seek part time employment in that same field so that they can see if they like the business enough to invest in it.

This is especially beneficial when looking to buy a franchise. Working an entry level job for someone else can give you the perspective you need to determine if this line of work that is worth the financial investment.


Crispety- This allows more people to be able to seek employment in these sectors and possibly learn about a new industry.

The important thing in the entry level job search is that it be a position that leads to some future advancement.

I know that there are some entry level employment agencies that hire entry level managers. A company by the name of Management Recruiters offers entry level managerial employment for many retailers.

The applicant does not pay a fee because the client does. It is usually a percentage of the annual salary.

These percentages range from 15 to 30% of the annual salary of the applicant, but if the applicant does not make it through the probationary period which is four months for this agency, the applicant has to pay the staffing company the fee.


Mutsy- Entry level employment opportunities are everywhere because people often get tired of the low pay and status of these positions.

It is best to develop a career path that will enable you to use the entry level experience in order to gain a higher paying position with more upward mobility in the future.

For example, if you work in a retail store as a department manager, after a few years at that position, the experience that you have gained might get you an assistant store manager position in another store.

Entry level careers can be beneficial if you keep an open mind and work hard. I know a site called snag a job offers entry level jobs according to your zip code.

Usually industries with high turnover tend to have more entry level employers. The hospitality industry and retail industries have very high turnover and offer the most employment jobs.


Many companies recruit graduating college students for entry level job opportunities. Often these companies offer college students these jobs because although their working experience is limited, they value their education.

They usually feel that taking the initiative to get a college degree is an important trait that will likely lead to success.

Usually the college or university will have many participating companies attend a job fair where preliminary interviews are set.

Once the recruiter for each company receives the resumes, they call back those of particular interest and schedule an interview with them.

Many retailers offer an executive training program for those that seek entry level management positions.

Burdines which is now called Macy’s offered a month long training in their corporate office in Miami. These are some of the available entry level careers.

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    • Businessman giving a thumbs-up
      Businessman giving a thumbs-up