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What are Wax Keepsakes?

Shannon Kietzman
Shannon Kietzman

Wax keepsakes are souvenirs made of wax. Premade wax souvenirs may be for sale in a gift shop. Some tourist attractions, however, have large machines that allow visitors to purchase wax keepsakes in the shape of the attraction or some component of the attraction. A dinosaur museum, for example, may offer wax keepsakes in the shape of the building or in the shape of various dinosaurs that are on display.

In order to purchase wax keepsakes that are freshly created, a visitor inserts money into the machine and watches as the hot, molten wax is injected into a mold. The wax is then allowed to cool inside the mold before being ejected for visitors to retrieve. Often, these wax keepsakes are still warm to the touch and may bend or be distorted easily if not properly handled until completely cooled.

Two young boys
Two young boys

People who enjoy making their own crafts can also create wax keepsakes in much the same way. First, the crafter must create molds in the desired shape using plastic or metal. Alternatively, molds may be purchased from a craft store and used in the creation of wax keepsakes.

The crafter can also purchase wax from the craft store. The wax must be melted over a low flame within a saucepan. The wax should be only melted and never brought to a boil when used for the creation of wax keepsakes. Once the wax has been successfully melted, it should be poured into the mold until the entire mold is filled with wax. After the wax has hardened, it can easily be removed from the mold.

Wax keepsakes make for attractive and fun souvenirs. Crafters interested in taking the project a step further can purchase paraffin wax and wicks in order to make their wax keepsakes into candles. Adding essential oils or artificial oils can transform the wax keepsakes into lovely scented candles.

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    • Two young boys
      Two young boys