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What are Vehicular Gates?

Patti Kate
Patti Kate

Vehicular gates are typically installed on a residential driveway or a commercial building. These gates are generally meant to restrict access to the home or building and used for security purposes. Many are made to open and close by way of remote control devices. There are some vehicular gates that work with an infrared device for motion detecting.

Using vehicular gates as a method of access control can prevent automobiles from driving onto the property. Gates also prevent intruders from gaining access. Sometimes referred to as driveway gates, these are typically constructed of a type of durable metal. Many of these vehicular gates may be used in conjunction with a digital security keypad and intercom system.


In a residential home, a driveway or vehicular gate will typically be utilized with an intercom system. Generally, when a visitor pulls up to the driveway gate, he will announce his arrival via the intercom speaker system. Some vehicular gates are also used in conjunction with video surveillance cameras.

Most of the metal steel vehicular gates are coated. The coating is typically done with an enamel paint. In most cases, the finish will be black, although other colors may be used. Some of these driveway gates are also galvanized. For those who are concerned about environmental factors, as an alternative to paint, a powder coating may be used in finishing automatic gates.

Although most commonly constructed of steel, a driveway gate may be made of wrought iron. These may be in basic designs, or more ornamental and elaborate designs. Many are custom made as well. These are not the only materials that may be used, however.

Vinyl driveway gates are another option. These types of vehicular gates are not typically made with a sensor system. A deadbolt lock may be one method of security for vinyl gates. A simple latch is another option. Some offer keyless entry as well, and this can be utilized with a remote control. Black or white paint are common color choices.

Many people who have driveway gates installed on their property are concerned for the safety of their children and pets. This is why most of these security gates are made with an automatic sensor. This allows detection of movement from a child or pet so the gates will not automatically close. This installation is a basic safety feature.

Vehicular gates are made with a variety of mechanisms to open the gate. There are horizontal sliding gates as well as vertical. For most people, it is simply a matter of personal preference. Neither design offers any specific benefits over the other.

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