What Are Vegan Waffles?

K. K. Lowen

People who follow a vegan diet may enjoy making vegan waffles. A vegan diet eliminates the use of animal or animal-related products, and waffles prepared for a vegan diet do not use regular dairy products such as eggs or milk. The use of dairy substitutes in vegan waffle recipes is common.

Soymilk, which can be used to make vegan waffles.
Soymilk, which can be used to make vegan waffles.

There are a number of non-dairy substitutes that people use to make vegan waffles. Soymilk is one of the most common replacements for cow milk, but some people prefer to use other types of non-dairy milk that may provide different textures and flavors. Common substitutions include rice milk, almond milk, and coconut milk.

Flour from the buckwheat plant can be used to make vegan waffles.
Flour from the buckwheat plant can be used to make vegan waffles.

Many typical waffle recipes require eggs, but they are not essential to creating a waffle. Vegan waffle recipes often call for the use of natural oil instead of eggs. Non-vegans sometimes use oil as well as eggs when making waffles, but batter also turns out well using oil alone. In vegan cooking, flaxseed is a frequently used substitute for eggs because it mimics some egg-like properties during the baking process.

Recipes for vegan waffles may call for a wide range of ingredients. Many people like to add various types of fruit for additional sweetness or to create unique flavors. Bananas are a very common vegan waffle addition. To add sweetness and flavor, many people who make vegan waffles also like to use ingredients such as brown sugar and molasses.

Many waffle recipes use plain, white flour. People sometimes choose to use other types of flour when making vegan waffles to provide different flavors, textures, or nutritional benefits. Some commonly used flours include buckwheat, whole wheat, barley, and rice flour. It is generally possible to substitute any type of flour for white flour, though people may need to alter the amount of liquid to some degree.

Some people like to use yeast in vegan waffles because it may make the waffles fluffier and lighter, which may be desirable when using a heavy type of flour. The time needed to let the batter rise may make it a poor addition for people who are in a hurry. Preparing the batter the night before may save time for those who have busy mornings.

The toppings available for vegan waffles are nearly as broad as those used for regular waffles. One of the most common choices is maple syrup. Most syrups, even artificially-flavored syrups, contains no animal products, but it is still important to check the ingredients list to avoid accidentally consuming non-vegan products. Topping waffles with fresh fruit or fruit glazes is also popular.

Vegan waffles do not contain eggs or milk.
Vegan waffles do not contain eggs or milk.

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