What Are the Uses of Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe?

Alex Newth

A seamless carbon steel pipe has many uses, thanks to the tough and versatile nature of carbon steel. This pipe is seamless, so it tends to have better durability and strength, making it useful for construction work. Many heat-transfer systems use a seamless carbon steel pipe network to the hot or cold liquid or gas in an area. The petroleum industry uses this pipe to carry large amounts of petroleum from the ground to the surface, and this pipe also is commonly used to transfer the petroleum to other places. This pipe is easier to form and bend than other carbon steel pipes, so it also can be used in places where custom angles and shapes are needed.

Carbon steel pipes.
Carbon steel pipes.

Many large structures use pipes in the deep foundation, the section that is underground. If a seamless carbon steel pipe is used, then it is driven into the ground by a large machine and may be filled with concrete after it is pile-driven to protect the pipe and make it even sturdier. This type of pipe generally is very durable and does not bend easily from stress, so it is uniquely suited for deep foundations.

Heat transfer systems are used in many structures, and one way to carry the heat around the structures is with a seamless carbon steel pipe. A fluid or gas, such as hot water or steam, normally is sent through the pipe and travels the length of the structure. The steel is corrosion resistant, and the lack of seams further protects this pipe from warping during use, so this pipe commonly is used for this purpose.

Similar to a heat-transfer system, the petroleum industry typically will use a seamless carbon steel pipe to transfer petroleum. This pipe typically is much larger than carbon steel pipes used for other purposes to allow the pipe to carry the large amount of petroleum. Depending on where the pipes are positioned, they can be used to carry the petroleum from the earth into a holding tank, or from tank to tank.

Most pipes are difficult to bend and form, either because they are too hard or because they are so soft that bending breaks or severely deforms them. Unlike other types of steel, a seamless carbon steel pipe is relatively easy to bend and form when the right tools are used. This makes it suited for areas or applications in which non-standard angles are frequently required.

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