What are the Treatments for Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder?

K. Gierok

Attention deficit disorder is a condition characterized by an inability to focus, manage time, and perform basic tasks required in everyday activities. In order to properly treat adults with attention deficit disorder, a proper diagnosis must first be made. Once an adult is positively diagnosed with the condition, he or she can expect treatments that include high amounts of psychotherapy and training in the decision making process. Adults may also be prescribed certain medications.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

One of the most important steps when treating adults with attention deficit disorder involves first making a positive diagnosis of the condition. Typically, adults who suffer from attention deficit disorder experience symptoms such as a poor work performance and an inability to relate to and work with employers and co-workers. Often, adults living with attention deficit disorder also have a difficult time achieving stable relationships with family members and significant others. An attention deficit disorder diagnosis is made by a physician who is experienced in dealing with the symptoms of the condition.

A common treatment for adults with attention deficit disorder involves therapy. Often, those who are suffering from the condition experience high amounts of depression. Individuals who suffer from attention deficit disorder are typically encouraged to continue therapy for significant periods of time, even during periods when the most serious behaviors are absent.

Adults with attention deficit disorder often receive high amounts of training regarding their decision making process. Typically, when performing a specific job, they are encouraged the perform the most mundane or difficult parts of the job first. Once these parts of the job have been completed, the more enjoyable parts can be finished. Often, adults with attention deficit disorder are encouraged to make "to-do" lists in order to have a reminder of the tasks that need to be completed each day.

Certain medications may also be highly successful in the treatment of adults with attention deficit disorder. Typically, the most common medications that are prescribed for this condition include those that promote an increase in concentration and focus. Some examples of medications used in the treatment of attention deficit disorder in adults includes Adderall®, Vyvanse™, or other similar medications. In addition, those suffering from attention deficit disorder are often also prescribed anti-depressant medications. Typically, the physician who is supervising the treatment of an adult with attention deficit disorder will frequently evaluate whether or not specific medications are proving effective in the treatment of the condition.

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