What are the Pros and Cons of Using Reflexology for Labor?

Autumn Rivers

Some pregnant women are interested in getting labor started without resorting to the use of medication, as the end of pregnancy can be quite uncomfortable. One of the only ways to induce labor without drugs is reflexology, which involves putting pressure on certain areas of the hands and feet to begin labor. The most well-known benefit of this method is that it does not require the use of unnatural products, such as medications or creams. In fact, it is often quite relaxing. Reflexology for labor should only be used when the baby's due date has passed, and often requires that a professional perform this technique.

Reflexology for labor should only be used when a pregnant woman's due date has passed.
Reflexology for labor should only be used when a pregnant woman's due date has passed.

Many women are not comfortable with taking medication in order to induce labor, but this is the most common method used by most doctors. Not only is medication considered unnatural, but it can also present risks for both mother and baby. Thus, reflexology for labor is often preferred since it does not require any medication, cream, or oil, making it noninvasive and typically safe. In addition, this technique is known for making labor shorter than average, which can also reduce the need for pain medication during childbirth.

Reflexology may be helpful for inducing labor.
Reflexology may be helpful for inducing labor.

Not only is this method considered natural, but many women find it relaxing, as well. In fact, the motions that are involved during reflexology for labor are often similar to a massage, as certain areas in the feet and hands are pressed and rubbed. Therefore, it usually offers a relaxing experience, especially since most pregnant women are thrilled with the idea of a foot massage in general, whether it works to induce labor or not. A side benefit is that reflexology for labor also tends to relieve nausea, water retention, and stress, which is helpful for most pregnant women nearing their due date.

While this method probably sounds enticing to pregnant women at any stage, reflexology for labor should only be used once the due date has passed. This is because it can be dangerous to try to induce labor before the baby is completely developed, which does not usually happen until the last couple weeks of pregnancy. Another downside of reflexology to induce labor is that it is usually necessary to use a professional for this method, which can be costly. Not every city is brimming with this type of professional, so it may be difficult to find one. For these reasons, some women may attempt to learn the basic reflexology moves on their own, which may not work very well to induce labor, and indeed results vary even when it is done by an expert.

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