What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Monogrammed Luggage?

M. Walker

There are both pros and cons to purchasing and traveling with monogrammed luggage. Some of the main advantages include style, design and a better ability to recognize the luggage, and the main disadvantages include cost and the chance of becoming a target for theft. Weighing the pros and cons and considering where the luggage will be taken on different trips can be helpful in deciding whether to monogram luggage.

Monogrammed luggage can be easily recognized by the traveler at baggage claim.
Monogrammed luggage can be easily recognized by the traveler at baggage claim.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of traveling with monogrammed luggage is the fact that it can be easily personalized and recognized by its owner. Not only do monograms eliminate confusion at airport baggage claims, they also can be useful in differentiating between matching family luggage. In the airport, this means that strangers are less likely to pick up monogrammed luggage by accident, because visible initials mark luggage better than a concealed tag. In other situations, such as family vacations, cruises or summer camp, individuals are likely to have luggage from the same store or company as others, and the monograms can easily distinguish the different owners. This can allow families to purchase bulk orders of luggage without worrying about the hassle of identical suitcases for each family member.

Expensive monogrammed luggage may or may not be handled with care.
Expensive monogrammed luggage may or may not be handled with care.

The style and design of monogrammed luggage is often considered another advantage. Frequently, monogrammed designs come in a wide range of patterns, and there are many font options for the initials themselves. Some individuals enjoy the ability to personalize the style of their bags and suitcases, and children might enjoy being in control over aspects of their luggage's design.

There also are disadvantages to purchasing monogrammed luggage, one of which is the increased cost. Some monogram options are available for less than $10 US Dollars (USD), but others are significantly more expensive. Additionally, many luggage companies that offer the option to monogram tend to sell products at a higher price point, placing them out of reach for some consumers. Luggage that is purchased at one location and monogrammed elsewhere will generally cost more for the monogramming service, and longer names and specialized designs can also add to the cost.

Occasionally, sporting monogrammed luggage can label travelers as tourists or outsiders in some locations. If monogramming is not a common practice in certain places, then owning monogrammed luggage can cause a traveler to stand out. This type of luggage tends to be more expensive, so thieves looking for targets might label these owners as wealthy marks. This is not generally of concern in many areas, but traveling to developing countries or areas of high crime with monogrammed luggage might put travelers at a higher risk of theft.

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