What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Leather Luggage?

Whitney Leigh White

There are many different uses for leather luggage. Some people choose to carry bags made of leather while traveling to near or far vacation spots, while others use the bags to store business items, such as a laptop, files, and folders. No matter what reason a person has for utilizing leather baggage, there are pros and cons of using it. To better understand the pros and cons, it helps to be aware of the different types of leather luggage, which include full-grain leather, split leather, top grain leather, and Napa leather.

Bonded leather, which is used to make some leather luggage.
Bonded leather, which is used to make some leather luggage.

The most noticed and obvious con of using any type of leather luggage is the price. While any type of durable luggage, whether it be leather or not, does come with a hefty price, leather baggage tends to be the most expensive. Luggage made from full-grain leather has the pro of being very durable, but, many times, noticeable marks and imperfections are present. These markings are appreciative to those people who prefer baggage with ‘character,’ as this type of leather does not wear as time goes by. Instead, it develops a ‘characterized’ look.

Baggage made from full-grain leather is extremely durable.
Baggage made from full-grain leather is extremely durable.

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Baggage made of split leather is not nearly as durable as full-grain leather luggage. Split leather bags also have a higher tendency to scuff, rip, and become aged-looking, and not in a good way like full-grain leather. One of the most commonly known types of split leather materials is suede. Even though this type of luggage does scuff and rip easily, it should not be forgotten that it is more durable than most luggage made from fabric. Of all the different types of leather baggage, split leather bags tend to be the least expensive.

Many people opt for luggage made of top grain leather because it is slightly less expensive than full grain leather baggage. This type of leather is very durable, and, like full grain leather, has a very attractive appearance. One major advantage top grain leather has over full grain leather is it is more resistant to discoloration and staining. Even though top grain leather is not as durable as full grain leather, its effectiveness to resist stains and less expensive price has made it more popular.

One of the most expensive types of leather luggage is pieces made of Napa leather. Just like full grain leather, Napa leather is very durable and long-lasting, yet this type of leather is softer. Many times, this type of leather will be dyed and be made from sheep or goat hides.

It is easy to see the pros and cons of leather luggage, especially when taking a look at the different types. Before a person purchases baggage made of leather, he or she should determine which leather type will most fit his or her wants by comparing each type’s pros and cons. No matter what type of leather luggage a person chooses, one thing is for sure, it is attractive. Along with being attractive, most bags made of leather come with plenty of storage compartments, making it all the more convenient with which to travel.

Expensive leather luggage may or may not be handled with care.
Expensive leather luggage may or may not be handled with care.

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