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What Are the Pros and Cons of Injections for Wrinkles?

Felicia Dye
Felicia Dye

Using injections for wrinkles is often an effective solution, but sometimes consumers are denied the opportunity to choose the best injection because they are unaware of all of the options. There are risks and side effects, which vary depending on the product a person chooses. In some cases, the procedures are done quickly, the results are immediate, and a person may bear few if any after-effects. In other cases, procedures can be more painful, and individuals may experience serious adverse effects, such as allergic reactions. Cost can also be a drawback of using injections for wrinkles.

One of the problems with injections for wrinkles is that there are often more options than consumers realize, denying some people the opportunity to conduct thorough comparisons. As such, individuals sometimes fail to get the injections that are best for their circumstances. As each product has its own characteristics, such as varying risks or side effects, this can also result in people being unnecessarily exposed to negative consequences. Botox, for example, is an injection that is considered highly effective for severe wrinkles in some areas, and the results often last up to six months. To achieve these results, some of the the risks a person takes include flu-like symptoms, headaches, and impaired mobility of facial muscles.

Dermal fillers are a suitable alternative in some cases. These products are widely noted for their ability to promote a youthful appearance by adding volume. Consumers also tend to appreciate the fact that the results can be immediately witnessed.

A woman with wrinkles.
A woman with wrinkles.

Another benefit of using these injections for wrinkles is that the procedure tends to require no more than half an hour and generally does not require missing time from work, school, or other scheduled activities. This is not to suggest there is no evidence of the procedure afterward. It is common for patients to experience swelling and bruising. Another drawback of dermal fillers is that one product may not be suitable for all of a person's needs.

There are many types of injections a person can get to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
There are many types of injections a person can get to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Products with different densities may be required for different areas. As a result, if a consumer does not select an experienced and knowledgeable service provider, she risks getting the wrong product in the wrong area. Even if a wise selection is made with regard to the service provider, a person may have to pay for more than one product.

Dermal fillers can be divided into two groups, temporary and permanent. A drawback of the temporary fillers is that the results generally do not last more than a year. Evidence that the product is being absorbed by the body can often be seen as soon as two months after the procedure. In most cases, those wanting to maintain the results will need a follow-up injection every two to nine months.

Silicon-based products are use for permanent injections for wrinkles. Using these products involves facing the risks of granulomas. A granuloma is a site of swelling that is often caused by a foreign substance. In the case of silicone injections, these can result long after the procedure. Although there are products that claim to have improved upon this negative effect, the long-term results remain to be seen.

Collagen is a substance that occurs in the body naturally and is sometimes used in injections for wrinkles. A problem that arises with collagen injections is that the collagen used in those injections is sometimes derived from animals. As a result, some people tend to have allergic reactions. Collagen injections are not the only ones made from animals, and the others that are also pose the risk of an allergic reaction.

Cost can also be a downside to injections for wrinkles. For many with what would be considered a middle-class budget in a developed nation, the cost of the initial treatments or those to maintain results may be unaffordable. Insurance plans rarely, if ever, cover this type of procedure.

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    • A woman with wrinkles.
      A woman with wrinkles.
    • There are many types of injections a person can get to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
      By: Andres Rodriguez
      There are many types of injections a person can get to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.