What Are the Pros and Cons of Caffeine Supplements?

Autumn Rivers

Some people wish to increase their energy and improve their metabolism by taking caffeine supplements and, while this tactic may work in some cases, there are downsides. A caffeine supplement often comes in the form of a pill or powder, which can be helpful for those who do not want the additional ingredients, calories and full feeling that can come with typical sources of caffeine, such as coffee. The advantages that many users get from this drug often include increased energy, better focus and faster fat burning. This supplement, however, does not usually taste pleasant, whether in powder or pill form. In addition, higher concentrations of this substance can increase the intensity of caffeine's side effects, which tend to include dehydration and nervousness.

A caffeine supplement rarely tastes good.
A caffeine supplement rarely tastes good.

Caffeine supplements have become quite popular because some people do not wish to use the traditional methods of ingesting it. Coffee, soda and energy drinks are some of the most common ways of getting caffeine in the system, and not everyone likes the flavors of these beverages. Athletes and people who are trying to lose weight may be especially wary of filling up on these drinks, because they may not want the calories that often come with them. In addition, they may prefer to get a higher concentration of caffeine than traditional drinks offer, because caffeine supplements tend to be composed mainly of this substance, without many additional ingredients.

Coffee often contains lots of calories due to added sugar and creamers.
Coffee often contains lots of calories due to added sugar and creamers.

Caffeine is known for increasing energy, which is why those who work, go to school or just need to stay awake for several hours are often attracted to it. Some people, however, want to take advantage of its other benefits, such as its ability to increase endurance, focus and intensity. This is often the case among athletes and people who wish to lose weight, because this substance can temporarily boost the metabolism while also letting them complete longer workouts. They can frequently get these benefits by quickly swallowing a pill or powdered drink.

While some people choose to take caffeine supplements instead of drinking beverages such as coffee, they may be unpleasantly surprised by the taste. Whether in pill or powder form, this substance rarely tastes good to most users, causing them to have to ingest it as quickly as possible to avoid letting the flavor discourage them. In an effort to improve the experience of taking caffeine supplements, some people may try to combine the powder or pill with flavored beverages, but this may defeat the purpose of getting this substance in concentrated form with few other ingredients. Therefore, users often have to deal with the unpleasant flavor of caffeine supplements.

Caffeine is known for leading to dehydration unless lots of water is ingested along with it. Athletes may be especially prone to this problem because of frequent workouts, so they are advised to drink more water than usual when supplementing. In addition, some people become nervous, nauseous and unable to sleep at night when consuming a lot of caffeine, so those who choose to take supplements should limit their intake to avoid these side effects.

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