What are the Pros and Cons of a Wood Porch?

Christina Edwards

There are a number of materials that can be used to build or rebuild a porch or deck. Wood is one of those options, and, like every other material, a wood porch has pros and cons. Some of the most popular choices are pine and cedar. Some of the advantages of a wood porch include looks, durability, and ease of use. One of the things that may turn people away from wood porches, though, is the amount of maintenance necessary to keep them from becoming damaged.

Wood porches require maintenance, including staining.
Wood porches require maintenance, including staining.

Many people consider wood to be one of the most beautiful and versatile options for porches. If a homeowner enjoys the look of natural wood, the wooden porch can be stained or sealed with a clear sealer. If a homeowner wants something to match the rest of the house or house trim, a wood porch can easily be painted just about any color.

Some of the advantages of a wood porch include looks, durability, and ease of use.
Some of the advantages of a wood porch include looks, durability, and ease of use.

Durability is another reason why many homeowners decide to build a wood porch. Wood is a very strong building material. Some types of wood are even resistant to rot and some insects. Cedar and mahogany, although a little more expensive than other types of wood, are good examples of rot-resistant wood. As long as the wood is treated and maintained properly, many of these porches can last 20 to 40 years, and pressure-treated wood may even last even longer.

Wood porches are popular because the material is easy to work with. It is usually readily available, and there are a number of simple designs that can be used to build a wood porch. Most of the time, all that is needed to build a porch of this type are a few simple tools and a general knowledge of woodworking. Some companies make it even simpler, with easy-to-use planks or wooden tiles that just snap and lock together.

Fixing this type of porch is simple as well. To repair a wood porch, damaged portions can be ripped up and replaced. Replacement pieces can be found at a local hardware store or lumber yard, generally inexpensively.

Probably the most common complaint when it comes to a wood porch is its need for maintenance. It is recommended that homeowners clean these porches every year or two to remove any stains. To clean them, a pressure washer can be used.

Many homeowners, however, opt to use an oxygen bleach to clean their wood porches. This powder can be mixed with water, and the solution is then used to soak the porch for at least ten minutes. Afterward, the porch can be swept with a stiff bristle broom and rinsed. Oxygen bleach is not as harsh as regular bleach that is used for laundry, and it does not usually damage plants in the area.

To prevent a wood porch from rotting or warping, it must be sealed. Generally, experts recommend sealing a wood porch every few years, which can replenish natural oils and keep water from seeping in. A rotted or warped wood porch can lead to an uneven surface, possibly resulting in a nasty fall.

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