What are the Pros and Cons of a Two-Person Bathtub?

Rhonda Rivera
Rhonda Rivera
Two-person bathtubs are very spacious.
Two-person bathtubs are very spacious.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to every home renovation, including installing a two-person bathtub. Some pros of this addition might be a spacious interior, armrests, and other features less expensive standard bathtubs often do not come with. The cons of purchasing such a bathtub are sometimes not immediately obvious. For example, the owner is now responsible for cleaning a tub that is roughly twice the standard size and likely deeper, too. In addition, the bathroom must be large enough to accommodate a two-person bathtub, or else the room will need to be modified to make it larger.

Whether the two-person bathtub is to be used for one or two people, the interior is usually specifically designed to be spacious and comfortable. Some two-person bathtubs are also designed to be deeper, so that when filled all the way, the users can relax in water up to the neck rather than the chest. This extra space is usually the primary reason a homeowner opts to purchase a large bathtub.

A two-person bathtub often comes with features not available on standard bathtub models. Armrests, built-in seats, and raised neck rests are commonly added to increase both the comfort and aesthetic appeal of the tub. If present, there are at least two neck rests in a two-person bath, but there are sometimes three or more. This way, each user can face the direction he or she likes best. The bathtub might also have a textured bottom to help prevent slipping.

Often, cleaning a standard bathtub is no small task, even if the tub is not especially dirty. Cleaning a two-person bathtub can be twice the work and involve bending lower down if the bathtub is deeper than usual. This sort of work is usually hard on the hands, knees, and back. For people who already have pain in these areas of the body, the amount of cleaning necessary to routinely enjoy a clean bath might be a deal breaker.

Another con of a two-person bathtub is the amount of room needed to install one. Due to the varying sizes and shapes of bathtubs, a two-person bath cannot always be replaced with another two-person bath unless it is the same size and shape or smaller. Even if the bathroom in question can fit a large bathtub, there might be significantly less room to walk once the tub is installed. Not everyone has the desire or money to move walls or closets to create extra room in the bathroom.

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    • Two-person bathtubs are very spacious.
      Two-person bathtubs are very spacious.