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What are the Pros and Cons of a Granite Coffee Table?

L. Burgoon
L. Burgoon

A coffee table is the centerpieces of many living rooms. While there are options available, a granite coffee table in particular could offer several advantages. They are strong, repel nicks and scratches when properly sealed, can be personalized, and are more unconventional than other table types. Conversely, a granite coffee table is heavy and therefore may scratch floors and be hard to transport. Granite also may be a high source of radiation.

Granite is one of the strongest materials available for coffee tables. Most coffee tables are made of wood, glass, or other relatively weak substances. Granite coffee tables are much sturdier and less likely to collapse or break.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Coffee tables are regularly subjected to wear and tear. Glasses frequently are set upon the table as are magazines and other household objects. Granite coffee tables help ward off signs of use by remaining scratch, nick, and dent resistant. This can keep the table from looking worn and old for years longer than other types of coffee tables. Additionally, properly sealed granite will thwart marks from condensation, thus making coasters unnecessary.

While wood furniture pieces come in standard colors and design options, granite coffee tables offer more personalization. Granite colors vary from hues of pink to gray and brown and offer both speckled and solid designs. The span of stone types means customers have a wider range of choices when buying a granite coffee table.

The unique color and design patterns also make it less likely that an acquaintance will have a similar coffee table. Tables from the same store likely will be very different in appearance. This is an important benefit to those who prize owning unique furniture pieces.

A granite coffee table may come with some disadvantages, however. Although the stone is sturdy, the heaviness can be a drawback. When placed on wood or laminate, a solid granite coffee table may indent or scratch the floor.

Owners must regularly seal granite to keep it from absorbing moisture and becoming stained. Some people may consider this maintenance a disadvantage because of the effort or cost of resealing. Failure to reseal likely will result in watermarks and stains from cleaning products. These marks are difficult to remove from unsealed granite and can mar a coffee table permanently.

As a heavy piece of furniture, a granite coffee table also could be burdensome to carry. Moving the table from room to room or transporting the table to a new house will require heavy lifting. Shipping costs usually depend on the package weight; freight fees to have granite coffee tables delivered likely will be significant.

Granite also has been found to emit radiation. While most stones naturally release radiation in extremely small doses, researchers have raised concerns that granite emits higher-than-normal levels. Skeptics have responded that granite is no more worrisome than other natural stones.

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Discussion Comments


@Soulfox -- the author nailed it by stating one of the advantages of a granite table is durability. Even if you don't have a kid that likes to sit on coffee tables, take a look at your average wooden table. What do you notice? Nicks, scars and perhaps even chunks of wood missing. That's because coffee tables are meant to be used and people do use them. Wooden ones get damaged and there's not much you can do about it.

On the other hand, those steady frames are murder on toes. If you've stubbed your toe on a comparatively soft wooden coffee table frame then you know how much that hurts. A sturdy frame for a granite coffee table is even more painful. And, yes, you will stub your toe on a coffee table at some point.


Got a kid who thinks your coffee table is a chair? Do you find that kid seated on your table often in spite of telling him or her a thousand times not to do that? If so, a granite coffee table may be just the thing you need.

Because granite is so heavy, the frame for that table will be considerably stronger than a wooden one. If you've got a table-sitting kid, you can do one of three things. First, keep nagging junior to stay off the table and punish him when he ignores your commands. Second, get ready to buy a new coffee table when junior invariably breaks yours by sitting on it when you're not watching. Or, third, accept that junior is going to perch on a table and get a granite one that can take the abuse.

If you choose the third option, you can still try to correct junior. Still, it's not a bad idea to have sturdy, durable pieces of furniture when you have kids in the house. The little darlings tend to destroy things.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book