What Are the Potential Benefits of Angel Therapy?

Jackie Myers

Angel therapy is a New Age healing method that involves working with someone's guardian angels. Practitioners believe that it allows the person on the receiving end of therapy to heal various aspects of his or her life. The ability to interpret messages of divine guidance comes from angel therapy as well, according to those who practice it. There are several potential benefits of angel therapy, including optimism, motivation, clarity, enhanced abilities and increased calmness.

Practicing meditation techniques prior to beginning an angel therapy session often helps the individual to calm his or her nerves.
Practicing meditation techniques prior to beginning an angel therapy session often helps the individual to calm his or her nerves.

During times of stress, it is easy to view the world as a sad and lonely place. Angel therapy can bring more optimism into a person's life and the world around him or her. This type of therapy can act as an antidepressant for those who need it. Angel therapy can also motivate and empower people to move forward with their lives and achieve goals. It is considered safe for people of all ages to try.

According to those who practice it, angel therapy opens up communication between the receiver and guardian angels.
According to those who practice it, angel therapy opens up communication between the receiver and guardian angels.

In addition to helping with stressful situations, this type of therapy opens up communication between the receiver and guardian angels, according to those who practice it. This type of therapy is seen as non-denominational. People who are open to the idea that spirit guides do exist might benefit from angel therapy, because it might allow them to interpret messages on a daily basis. An example would be seeking validation and clarity about one's purpose in life.

Taking part in angel therapy can allows the person to connect with his or her higher self and seek counsel on a wide variety of topics. Such topics might include finances, health or spiritual interests. Practitioners believe that this type of therapy helps people to get to know who they are at a deeper level than they would without it.

Those who are intuitive might find that angel therapy can enhance their own abilities. It also can act as a release for highly sensitive individuals. Participating in this type of spiritual healing might enhance one's own overall well being.

Angel therapy might help sensitive people deal with their emotional struggles such as anxiety. Partaking in this type of therapy requires people to have an open mind and trust in any guidance they might receive from their guardian angels. Practicing meditation techniques prior to beginning a session can help a person calm his or her nerves before beginning.

The healing techniques used in angel therapy can be easily learned by those who want to use it on a daily basis. Getting involved in the sessions allows the person to discover and learn more about the different angels and the archangel realm, according to those who practice this type of therapy. Many people have found that it also strengthens their core beliefs and creates a more positive outlook on life for them.

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@browncoat - The belief system that has sprung up around angels and angel readings is almost like a religion. Sometimes there are people who are using it for their own means. But I honestly do think there are people who believe in what they are preaching.

And the cards are good for self reflection, even if you don't think there is anything mystical about them. It's the same principal as Tarot.


@pleonasm - My problem with it is that angel therapy courses and similar are almost always based around making money for whoever is running them and any help they manage to give to the people who go to them is incidental.

The human psyche is a complex and wonderful thing and often it can sort its own problems out with time and a little bit of support. So it might seem like success is happening because of one thing, but really it would have happened anyway.

Pretending that there are angels out there who are talking through cards or whatever is just setting people up to fall at a later date. If they have the money to spend, they would be better off spending it on real therapy or on developing long term interests with friends rather than pinning their hopes on people who just want to take their money.


This kind of belief system is actually quite fascinating and I think it can have some impact on a person's problems if they take it in the right way. When I was a student I was fairly lonely and depressed and I started going to meditation group that was based around this kind of New Age religion. They talked a lot about angels (among other things).

I don't know if I wholeheartedly believed what they were saying, but it made me feel less alone to think that there was someone out there looking after me. And the angel cards we used were occasionally very insightful, although I admit that was probably me projecting what I knew to be true on the archetypes the cards displayed.

Anyway, I would never say anything against people who believe in this stuff.

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