What Are the Most Common Scopolamine Side Effects?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers
The eyes may be affected by scopolamine, becoming dilated.
The eyes may be affected by scopolamine, becoming dilated.

Scopolamine is a medicine used to soothe the stomach to prevent nausea and vomiting. As with most medications, some patients may experience side effects while taking it. Some of the most common and mild scopolamine side effects tend to include drowsiness, blurry vision, dry eyes and dry mouth. More serious side effects negatively affect patients' mental health, sometimes causing them to become confused and have trouble speaking. Other serious side effects include changes in urination and pain in the eyes.

There are some scopolamine side effects that are not considered serious, especially because they may disappear as the body gets used to the drug. For example, some patients become dizzy, drowsy or restless. These symptoms may be accompanied by facial flushing or a heartbeat that is faster than normal. Additionally, the eyes may be affected by scopolamine, becoming dilated or itchy and experiencing blurred vision. The eyes of some patients also become dry, as does the mouth; while none of these scopolamine side effects is considered very serious, all of them should be mentioned to a doctor.

Some people notice that their scopolamine side effects involve their mental state more than their physical state; this is usually considered abnormal and should be reported to a doctor quickly. One example of mental scopolamine side effects while taking the drug is sudden confusion, which may be compounded by hallucinations. Patients also may become agitated, afraid or unable to remember details while taking this drug. Some patients become so disoriented that they cannot speak, while others begin to ramble, both of which can make it difficult to work or communicate effectively with others. These scopolamine side effects may provide a good reason to discontinue the drug, though this should be done only after talking to a doctor.

Serious scopolamine side effects usually call for immediate help from a doctor, who can treat the side effects and switch the patient to a different drug. While dry, itchy eyes may be considered a minor side effect, any eye pain or redness is worth mentioning to a doctor. An additional serious side effect is difficulty urinating, and some patients find that they rarely have to use the restroom while taking this drug. A final serious issue — though not technically a side effect — is an allergic reaction, which often causes the tongue and throat to swell so it is hard to breathe. In less serious cases, hives may appear on the body, but any sign of an allergic reaction from scopolamine usually warrants immediate medical assistance.

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    • The eyes may be affected by scopolamine, becoming dilated.
      The eyes may be affected by scopolamine, becoming dilated.