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What Are the Most Common DB2 Interview Questions?

Andrew Kirmayer
Andrew Kirmayer

Designed for database management, DB2 is a software program that is used to develop in-house business applications. To get a job that involves using the software, it is first necessary to know how to answer DB2 interview questions. The software continues to change as the technology advances, and anyone familiar with the software must keep updated on new functionalities. During the interview, many specific questions will be asked about how DB2 works.

The most common DB2 interview questions will reflect whether the interviewee has had adequate DB2 training for the job. A job applicant may be asked how to compile two different programs. For this question, the adequate answer is to create one plan along with two packages using DB2. Whether views are updateable is another question, and it should be known that not all views are and which specific ones can or can’t be changed.

DB2 interviews will focus partly on a candidate's training.
DB2 interviews will focus partly on a candidate's training.

Topics of DB2 interview questions also cover how to find the number of rows in a table, how to select a row using indices, how to use the VALUE function, and when to use a LIKE statement. Interviews also involve answering the result to specific queries that use SELECT, FROM, UNION, AND BETWEEN commands. It is also important to know how to use the GROUP BY and ORDERED BY functions for queries, which are needed for organizing data into a summary.

There are also DB2 interview questions that require candidates to call on their knowledge of DB2 terms. These include database administrator authority (DBADM), database control authority (DBCTRL), and database maintenance authority (DBMAINT). Create table authority (CREATETAB) as well as create table space authority (CREATETS) are also included, and questions on the drop authority, on a database or subordinate objects (DROP), will also be asked. These names will be included in functional questions to demonstrate how to use each in a statement. Such questions will ask how to add columns, define a table, and the objects that are required in DB2 when making a table.

DB2 interview questions can make or break a candidate’s chances for getting a job. Managing the company database is an important task. In its simplest form, DB2 is able to compress data, manage and analyze performance, scale with the growth of the corporate network, manage data security, and help users develop and maintain applications. It can also manage some of the most popular development platforms on the market. The various skills needed to operate the system are diligently analyzed by DB2 interview questions.

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    • DB2 interviews will focus partly on a candidate's training.
      By: Monkey Business
      DB2 interviews will focus partly on a candidate's training.