What are the Most Common Acid Reflux Symptoms?

Diane Goettel

The three most common acid reflux symptoms are stomach pains, heartburn, and regurgitation. Many of the treatments for these acid reflux symptoms treat the whole host of symptoms, not just a single symptom. Before beginning any treatment for acid reflux, it is important to consult a medical professional and get an expert opinion on the best course of action. Sometimes the symptoms can be cured by making changes to one's eating habits and some lifestyle choices. In other cases, medication may be required.

Acid reflux commonly causes heartburn and stomach pain.
Acid reflux commonly causes heartburn and stomach pain.

Stomach pains, which are also sometimes referred to as "dyspepsia," can present themselves in a number of ways. In some cases, people with dyspepsia will feel pain in their upper abdominal region while in other cases people will feel as though their stomachs are too full or bloated. In some cases, dyspepsia presents itself in the form of nausea, which normally occurs after eating. Another one of the acid reflux symptoms that is categorized under the dyspepsia umbrella is burping.

Heartburn, which can also affect people who do not have acid reflux, does happen to be one of the most common acid reflux symptoms. Although heartburn has to do with the digestive tract and does not relate to the heart at all, it has its name because the sensation that it produces is felt in the upper regions of the abdomen and in the chest. Sometimes heartburn even causes pain in the throats of people who suffer from it. Sometimes heartburn is referred to as "acid indigestion."

Although the other two acid reflux symptoms detailed above involve pain, they do not involve the taste buds, which regurgitation often does. Regurgitation is a symptom in which a bitter taste, which may also be rather sour, is experienced in the mouth. This comes from stomach acid, and even sometimes a bit of undigested food coming up into the throat. In many cases, this happens when the person suffering from acid reflux symptoms burps.

For people who are trying to manage acid reflux symptoms by making changes to their diets, there are a few key foods to avoid. Unfortunately, a large amount of favorite Italian dishes must be avoided because some of the top foods to stay away from are tomatoes, garlic, and onions. Foods that are fried, fattening, or very spicy should also be avoided. The same is true for alcohol, drinks containing caffeine, chocolate, and citrus fruit such as lemons and oranges.

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