What Are the Medical Uses of Antrodia?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers
Doctor taking notes
Doctor taking notes

Antrodia is a type of fungus that is often used in Taiwanese traditional medicine, and many believe it can treat various conditions. One of its most common medical uses is as an anti-cancer treatment, because it may slow the growth of cancer cells. It also is sometimes used to treat the negative effects of excessive consumption of alcohol, which tend to include a fatty liver, high cholesterol and hepatitis B. Allergies and asthma may be treated with antrodia, too, and some believe it generally improves health, because it includes antioxidants. Despite its health claims, and little readily available mention of any side effects, one should always consult with his or her doctor before using this fungus for medical purposes.

Those who use antrodia for healing often claim it can treat cancer, because it may slow down the growth of cancerous cells. For this reason, it is often used as an alternative breast cancer treatment in Taiwan, but it also is believed to be effective in healing cancer of the liver, cervix and bladder. Patients for whom more common cancer treatments have not worked or who cannot afford them, may take this in an attempt to kill cancer cells or at least slow the disease's spread.

Another medical use of antrodia is as a treatment for the side effects of long-term alcohol use. For example, many say this substance has helped combat hepatitis B, which is often caused by alcohol abuse, though it also can protect the body against fatty liver and other types of damage to the liver. In addition, it can keep cholesterol levels from rising, which tends to happen after long-term abuse of alcohol. It may help keep cholesterol at a healthy level, so antrodia is often considered helpful for treating cardiovascular problems and possibly reducing the risk of heart attack. Additionally, this substance may lower the blood pressure, making it a possible treatment for hypertension.

Antrodia is often said to have anti-inflammatory properties, so it may help treat asthma by reducing the chances of the airway becoming so inflamed that it is difficult to breathe. In addition, antrodia has been said to help reduce the severity of allergies in some people. In general, this substance's antioxidants may improve immunity, helping the body fight off infections such as the flu and stomach problems caused by bacteria. This means people who use this treatment may feel more refreshed and tend to be less likely to get sick, which is why it has been one of the most popular traditional medicines in Taiwan for many years.

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    • Doctor taking notes
      Doctor taking notes