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What Are the Features of a Rectangle Face Shape?

Dee Jones
Dee Jones

The rectangle face shape is sometimes also referred to as an oblong face shape Two notable features of a rectangle face shape are that it is longer than it is wide, and the forehead is tall. Those with this face shape often have angular facial features, including a nose that can be described as long. Individuals with this face shape might also have a square and prominent jaw line, or a square hairline.

Contouring is one method that can be used to either emphasize or de-emphasize certain characteristics of a particular face shape. Someone with a rectangle face shape can use contouring to make her face look shorter and broader, to soften her jaw line, and make the cheekbones more prominent. Create the illusion of a shorter face by using a darker foundation around the hairline, around the top of the forehead, under the jaw, and around the lower part of the jaw and chin. Use the darker foundation under the cheekbones to make them stand out more. Cheekbones can also be highlighted by putting blusher on the apples of the cheeks, and blending the blusher back towards the ear.

A high forehead is a prominent feature of the rectangle face shape.
A high forehead is a prominent feature of the rectangle face shape.

One should always consider her face shape before choosing a hairstyle because a hairstyle that is very attractive on someone with an oval face shape,can be unflattering on someone with a rectangle face shape. Those with rectangle face shapes should choose hair styles that minimize the length of the face, while also making it look wider. Middle-length hairstyles with bangs can look very flattering on individuals with this face shape. Men and women who have a rectangle face shape should avoid angular haircuts, extremely short hair cuts, and styles with a part down the middle. Hair that is combed or slicked back should also be avoided, as these hairstyles will draw attention to the tall forehead and length of the face.

Selecting the right eyeglasses can also help create the illusion of a shorter and wider face. Choose frames that are wider than the face to create the illusion of width. Frames that have decorations or accents near the temples will also help make a rectangle face shape look wider. Avoid frames that have sharp angles, and opt for curved frames instead, as this will help de-emphasize angular features. Finally, eyeglass frames that are very tall will help take attention away from the length of the face.

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    • A high forehead is a prominent feature of the rectangle face shape.
      By: Tiler84
      A high forehead is a prominent feature of the rectangle face shape.