What Are the Different Ways to Learn Korean?

Jami Yontz

There are many different ways to learn Korean, including enrolling in online courses, taking Korean language classes at a local college, and learning online through podcasts and websites. Many people learn Korean by hiring a language instructor or tutor who is fluent in the language or a native speaker. Some universities have student-run groups that allow people to learn Korean, and there are community groups that meet on a regular basis and focus on learning a new language.

Getting work as an English teacher in Korea can help someone learn Korean.
Getting work as an English teacher in Korea can help someone learn Korean.

Many online colleges offer courses in learning to read Hangul, the Korean alphabet, and speak the language. Students should look for courses that have audio lessons and require the student to complete speaking assignments. This method to learn Korean can be more difficult because using the language on a daily basis with other students is an important practice when learning a new language.

Students may learn a new language with the help of self-guiding books and audio recordings.
Students may learn a new language with the help of self-guiding books and audio recordings.

Taking a language class at a local university is another great way to learn Korean. The teacher is often a native speaker, which can help a student learn to enunciate the syllables and vowels that make up the Korean language. Guided assignments, memorization of the alphabet, and writing practices are emphasized in classes.

Self-guided study can be the right option for some people to learn Korean. Blogs, online tutorials, and textbooks allow a person to study on his or her own time frame. Podcasts can be listened to while exercising or driving to work. Practice tests and writing exercises are included in many online language tutorials.

Some people trying to learn a new language need one-on-one attention from a tutor who speaks Korean fluently. This individualized experience can really accelerate a student’s progress in learning a new language. The tutor will help the student read passages out loud, participate in conversations in Korean, and learn the history and culture of Korea.

Another way to learn Korean is to study abroad or live in Korea for a period of time studying the language. Being immersed in the culture, language, and writing will help a person quickly learn how to ask for necessities or get information from native Korean speakers. Teaching English in Korea is one way to do this in a cost-effective manner, as many schools need native English speakers who are willing to spend time abroad.

Joining a group or community of people who are interested in learning Korean can be a fun experience for someone learning a new language. These groups can provide the ability for someone to practice his or her skills conversing with another person in Korean. Depending on how serious the person is about learning a new language, he or she may want to choose a group that is facilitated by a knowledgeable person who speaks Korean fluently. The experience can also be a great way to practice the language skills and information that he or she is learning through courses or self-study.

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