What Are the Different Ways of Preparing Veal Chops?

N. Madison

There are many ways a person might cook veal chops. Many people choose to saute them in a pan, but grilling, baking, and broiling are commonly used methods as well. Typically cooks use various seasoning to make veal chops more flavorful and focus on ensuring that they are fully cooked but retain their tenderness.

Use a meat thermometer to ensure that the veal is cooked to 145 degrees.
Use a meat thermometer to ensure that the veal is cooked to 145 degrees.

One way to cook these chops involves sauteing them in a pan. To prepare them this way, a person can season them as desired and then place them in a pan with a couple of spoonfuls of cooking oil. There are many types of seasonings a person may use, but people often use salt, pepper, garlic, and rosemary to enhance their flavor. Veal chops typically require about 10 to 12 minutes of cooking time over low heat and about half as much time when cooked over a medium-to-high flame.


Grilling is another common way of cooking this type of veal. Many experts recommend preparing the chops by marinating them overnight and then placing the chops over medium heat for cooking. Usually, about six to eight minutes of cooking on each side proves enough. Alternatively, a person may use a dry rub to prepare veal chops prior to grilling them. Such a rub can consist of a variety of spices and herbs, but garlic, pepper, Italian seasoning, thyme, sugar, and rosemary are among those frequently used for this purpose.

A person can also prepare veal chops by baking or broiling them. To prepare chops this way, a person may season them to taste and even coat them with flour or bread crumbs. Often, adding moisture is desired as well, so a person may drizzle them with oil or tomato sauce prior to cooking. Veal chops often require about 30 to 45 minutes of cooking time in an oven set to 375° F (190.55° C). In a broiler, the chops usually require much less time and often prove ready to eat after cooking for about five minutes on each side.

No matter how a person chooses to prepare this type of veal, health and safety experts usually recommend using a meat thermometer to make sure the chops reach 145° F (62.77° C) prior to serving them. Cooking veal chops to this minimum temperature helps ensure that they are safe for consumption. Most cooking experts, however, also recommend removing the chops from the heat while the inner meat still appears moist and has a pinkish tinge, as overcooking can toughen the veal.

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