What are the Different Types of Wrought Iron Lamps?

Dan Cavallari

The two most common types of wrought iron lamps are floor lamps and desk lamps, but outdoor wrought iron lamps are also quite popular and attractive. Such outdoor lamps are mounted to a wall, usually on either side of a doorway, in order to illuminate the entry to a home. It is important to remember that not all wrought iron is true wrought iron: some products labeled as wrought iron lamps are actually made from cast iron or even steel, though they are called wrought iron because they are in keeping with the aesthetic of traditional wrought iron.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Most outdoor wrought iron lamps will not be made of iron at all unless they are antiques. Certain types of steel will be used instead because the steel is more resistant to rust and water damage than iron. Not all steel is resistant to rust and water damage, however, so it is important to choose wrought iron lamps made from steel that is used specifically for outdoor purposes. If the outdoor lamps one chooses are antiques or real iron, the owner may need to do periodic maintenance to ensure the iron does not rust or the paint does not chip off.

Wrought iron lamps for indoor use can be made from iron or steel, and they can come in a variety of designs. Floor lamps are taller lamps designed to be placed on the floor, while still extending the light up high enough to be useful. Such lamps may feature individual feet, a base, or curved legs that are more ornate. The stem of the lamp can extend for several feet and may feature curves, twists, and other accents. The top of the lamp may feature one bulb, two, or even several to add to the aesthetic and to the functionality of the lamp.

A table lamp is much smaller and is designed to sit on a tabletop. Like a floor lamp, a table lamp may feature more than one bulb and even more than one lampshade. The feet and body of the lamp can be highly ornate or more simple and solid, though true wrought iron has a tendency toward the ornate.

Other types of wrought iron lamps include wall sconces and chandeliers. True wrought iron chandeliers will be very heavy and will therefore need to be properly secured to the ceiling to prevent falls. Wall sconces are often hung from walls and may feature one or two lights; antique wall sconces that were used before electricity hold candles instead of electric lights, and such sconces can still be used for such purposes, or they can sometimes be repurposed for electric lights.

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