What Are the Different Types of Wrist Purses?

B. Miller
B. Miller
Cyclists should always carry identification in case of an accident.
Cyclists should always carry identification in case of an accident.

In general, there are two common types of wrist purses. These are wristlets, which are similar to a small clutch purse, and hangs from the wrist with a narrow strap. Another type is designed more like a thick wristband; imagine a very thin wallet attached to a wristband, similar in design to a watch but much larger. These wrist purses are a great option for exercising outdoors, as they allow people to carry important items like a house key and identification without needing to wear something bulky or heavy. Regardless of the type, a small wrist purse is a great way to just take what is needed, and leave the rest at home, such as for a cocktail party.

Wristlets are among the most common types of wrist purses. These are designed like a clutch, are not very big, and simply have a zipper closure with one single inner pouch. Usually, they have a thin leather or canvas strap that is just wide enough to go over the wrist and the lower arm, but certainly not over the shoulder. A wristlet may be able to carry items like some cash or credit cards, keys, a cell phone and a bit of makeup, but that's about it. For an evening out, or a quick trip to the grocery store, however, these wrist purses are quite convenient.

The other type of wrist purse is designed like a wrist band with a small, flat wallet-type pouch attached. These do not hang from the wrist, but are tight like a bracelet or a watch. Though they are available in stylish designs, which may be worn for certain events like attending a concert, for example, they are most often used for exercising. This allows people to place their identification, money, or keys inside and carry it with them without fear of losing it or needing to carry a separate, heavy bag.

For people who are exercising outdoors, particularly running or biking along busy roads, it is important to always carry identification in case of accident. Many exercisers don't do this, but it can be dangerous if something serious happens because medical personnel may not know who to call. These types of wrist purses are inexpensive, easy to wear, and could potentially save a life in case of an accident. There are a number of websites that sell and manufacture both types of wrist purses in a variety of different designs.

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I saw a very nice wrist purse the other day at a small boutique in town. It looks like a very large round bangle. It's worn around the wrist and it's large enough to carry a cell phone, credit cards and keys. I wouldn't mind wearing it during a night out or special event because it really looks like a fashion accessory. I think every woman needs one.


@candyquilt-- The only downside to a wristlet is that it's so thin that one can barely fit a card or key in there. If you have bulky keys and a bunch of things to carry with you like me, a wristlet just doesn't work. So I'm using a small wallet with a short strap that goes around my wrist when I go for a walk or make a quick run for groceries.


I just discovered wristlets and I regret not knowing about them before. What a great idea!

I hate carrying purses and I can't put my credit card and driver license in my pocket while exercising because they will break. I have been searching for a portable, cool looking purse since a long time. I have finally found something that is easy to use and also looks nice.

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    • Cyclists should always carry identification in case of an accident.
      By: Piotr Marcinski
      Cyclists should always carry identification in case of an accident.