What Are the Different Types of Water Conservation Devices?

C.B. Fox

There are a number of different water conservation devices available for individuals and businesses to use. Many of these are inexpensive can be easily installed on existing plumbing fixtures. Some of the more common water conservation devices are found on faucets, toilets, and shower heads where they reduce the amount of water required by each of these devices. Other water conservation devices can help measure the water usage in a household or business so that people can be more aware of how much water is used each day.

Low flow toilets use less water than regular toilets.
Low flow toilets use less water than regular toilets.

Aerators are water conservation devices that are commonly used on faucets or shower heads. These devices turn a constant stream of water into a stream of small water droplets separated by air. Even though less water is used by a faucet with an aerator, the water pressure on this fixture is increased. A similar device can also be used on a garden hose or sprinkler system to reduce water usage.

Aerators turn a stream of water into small droplets, therefore using less water.
Aerators turn a stream of water into small droplets, therefore using less water.

There are a number of water conservation devices that can be installed on a toilet as well. These devices include dual flush systems, tank banks, and fill cycle diverters. A dual flush system allows a person to choose how much water to use in a single flush so that less water can be used when appropriate. Tank banks and fill cycle diverters make it possible for the toilet to use less water overall because the tank is able to fill more quickly. It is also possible to install a faucet on the back of a toilet so that fresh water used to fill the tank can be used for hand washing before it enters the tank.

Water measuring devices also help people conserve more water. Some of these types of water conservation devices can be hung from a shower head so a person is aware of the amount of water used during a shower. Others may track the total water usage in a house or business. Though an awareness of water consumption does not automatically make people conserve water, most people tend to use less when they know how much they are using.

Gray water recyclers can also be used as water conservation devices. These recyclers divert the water used in showers, washing machines, or sinks to a tank so it can be used for other purposes. Though gray water cannot be used for drinking and does contain harmful chemicals left over from the use of soaps or cleaners, it can be treated and used to water plants. Gray water cleaning devices consist of a series of filters and holding tanks.

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