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What Are the Different Types of Visual Memory Games?

Tara Barnett
Tara Barnett

There are many different types of visual memory games that are appropriate for children, but adults can benefit from similar types of activities as well. Most visual memory games help the brain learn to memorize sequences of events or the location of objects in a picture. It is possible to play most games of this type alone, and many can also be digitized, making it extremely easy to gain practice with visual memory. Whether or not these games have significant effects on a person's visual memory skills is up for debate, but it is certainly true that they do stimulate the minds of children and provide memorization practice in a fun environment.

One of the most common types of visual memory games involves matching. Players might be asked to match cards, objects, or other items depending on the version of the game being played. Typically, players find two matching items by attempting matches that may or may not be correct. They then use the information gained from the unsuccessful matches to narrow down the potential places the right match might be. This forces the mind to practice remembering where things are located.

Playing dominoes may help improve memory.
Playing dominoes may help improve memory.

Follow the leader is also popular among visual memory games, although it has a physical aspect and may not be appropriate for all players. This game does involve more than one person as well. The leader typically makes a series of movements, and then the followers must duplicate the leader's movements, creating a time-delayed parade. Games of this type, which require quick reactions, not only improve memory, but attention and coordination as well.

Some games that improve visual memory involve looking at a picture and attempting to find an object within that picture. This requires memorizing some parts of the picture or looking at the image methodically. Similarly, there are many visual memory games that involve comparing two images in order to find very small differences between the two. Attention to detail is at least as important as memory when playing these games.

Remembering a series of objects can also be turned into a visual memory game, particularly when there is more than one player. The series can be changed, mixed up, or modified in some way, and then questions can be asked about the remaining objects. The players might be required to put the objects back in order or identify which object is missing. Depending on the specifics of the game, this activity can sometimes be played by multiple players at once.

While there are relatively few categories of visual memory games, there are a nearly infinite number of themes for this type of game. For example, memory games involving matching can be played with cards bearing images of any type. The specifics of the game can reduce the monotony of practicing visual memory skills and can help the activities evolve with the players.

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    • Playing dominoes may help improve memory.
      By: Brian Jackson
      Playing dominoes may help improve memory.