What Are the Different Types of Track Jackets?

Misty Amber Brighton
Misty Amber Brighton
Woman exercising
Woman exercising

When worn over top of running clothes, track jackets can help athletes stay warm and dry. Cross country jackets are made from many different fabrics, and some of them are nylon, cotton, or spandex. Some running jackets slip over the head, while others zip or button up the front. This clothing comes in a variety of colors and can be found for men, women, and children; track and field teams may be able to have their mascot or school name embroidered on them as well.

Track jackets come in a variety of materials, and nylon is the most common one found. This is because this fabric is lightweight yet waterproof, giving some protection from rain or snow. These running jackets may also be made from spandex or cotton, as both of these fabrics are breathable and help keep sweat away from a runner's skin. People can also buy jackets made from a combination of any of these materials.

Most athletes need cross country jackets that are easy to put on over track speedsuits. As a result, many track jackets have zippers up the front in order to make it easy to get on and off. Some outerwear may slip over the head, in which case it is typically looser fitting so this will be easy to do.

Running jackets can be worn by people of all ages, so there are styles designed for men, women, and children. Track jackets designed for children may have elastic at the waist and wrists and a hood that ties underneath the chin. Men's track clothing may have a hood or a very high collar with a banded waist and wristbands. Women's running jackets often resemble men's track clothing, yet typically are more form fitting. They are normally narrower throughout the waist and slightly looser in the hip area than jackets designed for men.

Track jackets come in many different colors, and some are multi-colored. This may be in the way of a solid stripe across the chest or sleeves or the jacket itself might be one color and the sleeves another. Many cross country jackets have thin white running stripes along the sleeves or side of the jacket even if there are other colored stripes on the chest. Some manufacturers choose to print their own logos on the chest or shoulder of this track apparel.

Running jackets have a variety of uses ranging from casual wear to athletic purposes. The type of track apparel an individual chooses can largely depend on his individual taste and reason for buying this clothing. People who belong to a track and field team may want to have cross country jackets designed especially for the athletes who are participating in this sport.

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    • Woman exercising
      Woman exercising