What are the Different Types of Solar Water Garden Features?

C. Daw

Many various solar water garden features are available from manufacturers so that a person can fulfill their particular vision for the space. The difference between the features will not only depend upon each individual application, but the cost of installing and maintaining it as well. The numerous different features that can be included within a solar water garden include stand-alone fountains, floating fountains, doubling fountains, bird baths, and any other designs or objects that are desired. And as the name suggests, the garden must contain solar power units to eliminate the need for other forms of power.

Solar pumps can be used to aerate streams and ponds.
Solar pumps can be used to aerate streams and ponds.

Fountains are one of the most common of the solar water garden features. The stand-alone fountain is a separate unit, having its own base and pumps built into it, and can be designed with simple or unique styles and colors. This fountain is considered to be the best for a water garden because it is movable, durable, and can be made to match any specific designing application. This type of fountain can also be combined with other stand-alone units, which are referred to as doubling fountains, to provide various designs within one solar water garden.

Large applications might require solar panels on top.
Large applications might require solar panels on top.

Floating fountains are also very popular as one of the solar water garden features that are added into the design. This type of fountain floats on top of water, such as in a pond or larger fountain, and has the pump installed by submerging it under the water so that it is out of sight. This gives a unique, free floating feature that can move around within the area, making the pond or large fountain appear different every time that it is looked at. Most of these fountains operate by solar panels that are placed on the top of them, so they will move during the day and remain still during the night.

Bird baths can also be found as a solar water fountain feature in many areas. Allowing birds to perch gives the garden a very natural appearance, which is the point of having an outdoor garden of any kind. Bird baths, as with every other decoration, can be found in various sizes and shapes in order to maintain any specific style.

The most important feature in these types of gardens is solar activated lights, pumps, and even fountains. Solar water garden features have to include solar power units which decrease the amount of energy needed. The lighting that is around the garden can be run off of solar panels within the units themselves, as can many of the other features within the garden. In larger applications, solar panels are installed and the power supplies for all of the units are wired directly into them, allowing energy to circulate throughout the water garden by using the sunlight that strikes the panels.

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