What Are the Different Types of Sewing Machine Supplies?

Christina Edwards

There are several different types of sewing machine supplies. Basic sewing machine supplies include needles, bobbins, and thread. Sewing machine presser feet may also come in handy for various projects or fabrics. Mats that keep a sewing machine pedal from sliding can also be found. To hold all of their sewing machine supplies, some people may opt to purchase a sewing cabinet.

Unlike a regular needle, the eye of a sewing machine needle is near the point.
Unlike a regular needle, the eye of a sewing machine needle is near the point.

Sewing machine needles are some of the most basic sewing machine supplies. These are different than regular sewing needles. The eyes of these types of needles are near the point, instead of at the top of the needle. Most sewing machine users usually have several sewing machine needles handy, in case one breaks.

The presser foot holds fabric in place on a sewing machine.
The presser foot holds fabric in place on a sewing machine.

These needles come in a variety of sizes and shapes. A regular, or universal, sewing machine needle is typically all that is needed for most types of material. These have a slightly rounded tip, which works its way between fabric fibers instead of cutting them. Sharper needles are also available, and these are generally used when sewing thick materials, like leather or vinyl.

Bobbins are also considered to be basic sewing machine supplies. These tiny metal spools are used to hold the bottom thread in a sewing machine. Most sewing machine users also have several bobbins as well, each filled with a different colored thread.

Thread is another type of sewing machine supply. Thread can be found in craft stores and fabric shops in just about any color imaginable. Some thread is even metallic. These sewing machine supplies also come in different thicknesses and weights.

A sewing machine presser foot is the part of the sewing machine that helps clamp the fabric to the bottom part of the machine. These can often be removed and changed rather easily. A regular presser foot will usually work for most sewing jobs, but there are also other types of special presser feet. Rolling or walking presser feet, for instance, are usually used with fabrics that might stick to a regular presser foot.

Most sewing machines today are electric, and they run when a pedal is pressed by users' feet. Many sewing machine pedals, however, have a tendency to slide around on the floor. Special mats can be purchased to prevent this.

A sewing cabinet can be a handy place to store all of these sewing machine supplies. These types of cabinets can be either large or small. Most of them have several drawers and cupboards below the work surface. A few even have sewing machines built right into them.

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