What Are the Different Types of Security Supervisor Jobs?

Lori Kilchermann

Security supervisor jobs exist in nearly every field of security imaginable, from loss prevention in a shopping center to passenger safety in an airport. Employees in security supervisor jobs provide guidance and support for security officers, as well as serve as point persons for other agency heads to speak with in times of trouble. There are mobile and stationary supervisors in both private and corporate security agencies. Many security supervisor jobs are filled with experienced security guards who have been promoted or who have started their own security company.

Airport security officers are typically stationed in security offices and dispatched to various locations.
Airport security officers are typically stationed in security offices and dispatched to various locations.

Mobile security supervisor jobs provide a roving patrol that meets with security guards at several different locations during a shift. The supervisor typically checks the guards' shift logs and tends to any needs while meeting with the workers. The security supervisor also responds to any duress calls that may be sent out by a guard or electronic monitoring system. This response is to provide backup for the security guard on site, as well as to verify that a security system has been breached and determine if law enforcement officials need to be called in. The mobile supervisor is commonly radio dispatched by a central monitoring service.

Individuals hired to work in security supervisor jobs often not only have past security guard experience, but also have college degrees or specialized training in order to be qualified as a supervisor. Not only does the supervisor need to be able to supervise the other security team members serving under him or her, the supervisor also is often required to speak with the client of the company to pass along areas of concern, potential threats to security and offer solutions for the threats. Completion of paperwork, reports and evaluations of the team members are also components of the supervisor's job.

Occasionally, such as at airports or other large facilities, people with security supervisor jobs are stationed in a security office. The security team is dispatched from the office much like police officers, with members making their way to their duty station. The supervisor only sees the officers at the end of a shift or if a situation arises that requires the presence of the supervisor on the scene. In this type of scenario, security supervisor jobs are similar to desk sergeant jobs on a police force. When working in a store as a loss prevention supervisor, the supervisor sometimes dresses in plain clothes and monitors shoplifters from the sales floor, mobilizing a security team by radio when a theft occurs.

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