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What Are the Different Types of Sales Opportunities?

Deborah Walker
Deborah Walker

According to the U.S. Office of Business and Labor Statistics (BLS), sales opportunities are expected to increase about as fast or a little faster than other careers through 2018. Many people supplement their incomes working part-time selling goods through home parties or other forms of multi-level (MLM) or network marketing. Insurance is another form of sales that may be very lucrative for the individual willing to work extremely hard to build his or her book of business and to develop client relationships. People with an interest in retail sales can begin working with little-to-no training and work their way up the corporate ladder. In addition, working as a real estate agent or broker is a way to sell properties to people or companies seeking to buy, and e-commerce has recently begun to be another sales opportunity often allowing people to work from home .

MLM sales opportunities are typically home businesses in which one sells a particular product for a company and earns a commission, or part, of the sales price. Some of the best-known opportunities can be found in companies selling make-up and skin care, home organization, stamping and scrapbooking, and purses. People can begin a home-based MLM business for much less money than they can start other businesses, and commission may range from 20%-50% of the total retail sales. Multi-level marketing takes hard work and commitment, but no particular education is necessary to be successful.

Real estate agents oversee the sales of real property.
Real estate agents oversee the sales of real property.

Insurance agents sell life, property, health, and casualty insurance policies to individuals, families, and businesses. Some insurance agents work strictly on commission, but others earn a base salary plus commission. To qualify as an insurance salesperson, one must be licensed in the area(s) or region(s) in which he or she plans to sell. The requirements for licensing depend upon local or regional regulations. Some companies hire people with no experience for these sales opportunities, though, generally, at least a high school education is required.

Direct sellers may sell beauty products.
Direct sellers may sell beauty products.

Other sales opportunities may be found in retail shops, such as a markets, clothing store, fast food restaurants, or car dealerships. Workers in retail sales may earn very low hourly wages and some are paid commission only. Teenagers may often work in retail sales as a first job because training is often provided on the job. The hours may be flexible, depending on the company. Retail sales opportunities may be used as an entry-point into the sales field, with many of the positions having excellent advancement opportunities.

Another sales opportunity is as a real estate agent, who sells commercial properties, homes, and land to clients. A real estate license for the state or region in which one sells is necessary to work as a real estate agent. Agents may make a percentage of the sales price of property they sell, often around 6%. Real estate agents work flexible hours, including many evenings and weekends. Depending on the economy and/or season, the amount of money earned by a real estate agent may vary widely.

E-commerce is a branch of sales that takes place completely online. One attractive feature of opening an online business is that it may be started for virtually no money. Free storefronts that take a percentage of the sales price, auctions, and other formats make setting up a store fairly straightforward. Merchandise does not necessarily need to be purchased upfront if one uses a supplier that will dropship, or mail the order directly to the customer.

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    • Real estate agents oversee the sales of real property.
      By: alexskopje
      Real estate agents oversee the sales of real property.
    • Direct sellers may sell beauty products.
      By: sherrie
      Direct sellers may sell beauty products.