What Are the Different Types of Safety Coordinator Jobs?

Patti Kate

Safety coordinator jobs often involve the health field. For instance, patient safety coordinator jobs often involve working at a hospital or other health care facility. Employees in this field are also referred to as health and safety coordinators. Establishing safety policies at public schools is another important safety coordinator job. Those employed in this line of work are responsible for ensuring the security and safety for students, teachers, and faculty members.

Safety coordinators are often seen at construction sites.
Safety coordinators are often seen at construction sites.

School health and safety coordinators may also be involved in establishing school health programs. Coordinating sports programs and overseeing safe practices may be another responsibility. In addition, some school safety coordinators may implement violence intervention programs. Students and parents are often urged to participate in such programs. School safety coordinators also establish youth counseling programs.

Safety coordinators monitor worker safety standards and training at mines.
Safety coordinators monitor worker safety standards and training at mines.

The food industry also must employ safety coordinators. A major responsibility of food safety coordinators is to ensure that employees of restaurants and businesses maintain high standards when handling or preparing food. Food safety coordinators are also responsible for regulatory strategies and guidelines. He may see that production labels are properly dated, and expired food products are pulled from store shelves. He may also be responsible for dispensing safety accessories to employees.

Many major industries ranging from health care to construction have a need for safety coordinator jobs. A machinist safety coordinator may be employed at a machine shop. His job typically involves inspecting tools and equipment used in the shop. He will also ensure that workers abide by company safety regulations, such as using protective equipment while working. Similarly, construction safety coordinator jobs involve securing the safety of construction workers.

Occupational health and safety coordinators are often employed in retail. These coordinators may oversee the practices of employees to ensure they remain accident-free on the job. They may also devise strategies to reduce the risk of repetitive stress injuries on the job.

Fire safety coordinator jobs involve working in various industries. This type of safety coordinator may inspect electrical equipment for potentially hazardous material. He may also hold seminars or fire prevention programs. Fire safety coordinators occasionally speak at schools and universities on the importance of fire prevention.

Some safety coordinator jobs involve working for the state or city. An environmental health and safety coordinator helps maintain regulatory standards set by state and local authorities. He also secures a safe environment for those who work with hazardous waste or chemicals. Many environmental safety coordinators have earned a degree in environmental science.

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