What are the Different Types of Rodent Repellent?

Alex Tree
Alex Tree
A brown rat.
A brown rat.

There are several different kinds of rodent repellent used around the world. Some are all natural and completely biodegradable, containing only grain and essential oils. Others are ultrasonic and inaudible to humans, using electricity to power themselves. Lastly, sometimes just being clean can help rid an area of rodents because most rodents are scavengers that feed on leftovers. All of these methods are proven to work, but a person might find that one works faster or more effectively than another or when paired with another type of rodent repellent. Price also varies between types of rodent repellent, with some being very expensive but usually long-lasting.

All-natural rodent repellent is gaining popularity among those who do not want to harm pests to get rid of them. The exact ingredients of all-natural repellents differ between brands, but they often use a mixture of corn cobs and oils, such as lavender, cedar, and orange. These repellents are generally safe if they are accidentally consumed by a pet or child, but are usually not recommended for use around pets. The smell that keeps away rodents can potentially irritate dogs, cats, and birds too.

An ultrasonic rodent repellent is another no-kill solution to rodent problems. It is normally a small device with a long cord that plugs into an electrical outlet, or it can plug directly into an electrical outlet without a cord. This type of rodent repellent keeps rodents away by emitting high-frequency sound waves that cause stress and irritate a rodent until it moves away from the area. Ultrasonic repellents are rarely meant for use as the primary way to repel rodents. Instead, manufacturers suggest pairing the device with other repellents, cleanliness, or rodent traps.

In addition to other repellents, a homeowner can try being extremely clean to rid his or her home of rodents. Rodents in the house are generally attracted to food, such as cereal in the pantry, leftover food not placed in a sealed container, and crumbs no one bothered to clean up after dinner. While paying special attention to keep these food items out of a rodent’s reach can help in the long run, it is probably best to pair this type of deterrent with other methods. It is too easy to accidentally leave out or drop enough food to feed a rodent for days. The rodents might also be feeding from unexpected sources, like food in the dishwasher or stove or treats a household pet hid around the house.

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    • A brown rat.
      By: Ilia Shcherbakov
      A brown rat.