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What are the Different Types of Registry Repair Software?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen

There are not a large number of different types of registry repair software, but the differences between specific programs can be noteworthy. One of the major differences among these programs is how usable the programs are for different types of users. This is especially important for novice or beginning computer users. The various features provided by these programs can also be quite different from one program to the next, and include basic registry cleanup and repair, as well as anti-spyware and defragmentation utilities. Different types of registry repair software can also be available at very different costs; some programs can be found as freeware while others may be fairly expensive or require a yearly licensing fee.

Registry repair software is a computer program designed to help a computer user access and alter the basic registry files installed on his or her computer. These files are typically used by the operating system (OS) on a computer to properly interact with different device drivers and other programs. Registry repair software can be used on a computer to increase performance, fix errors that may be occurring, and free up space by removing unnecessary files.

It is easy to cause more problems when trying to fix a computer registry error.
It is easy to cause more problems when trying to fix a computer registry error.

One of the major differences between different registry repair software programs is the ease with which such software can be used. This is of great importance for someone with limited or little experience in computer maintenance, since improper changes to the registry on a computer can have very negative consequences. Programs that are more user-friendly are often preferred to help prevent these mistakes and to create backup images of the registry so mistakes can be corrected easily. More advanced registry repair software is often preferred by professionals, however, as this software will typically provide a professional with more control and options while cleaning up a registry.

The different options and costs associated with various registry repair software programs also serve to distinguish one program from another. There are freeware programs available for registry repair, some of which are quite effective, simple to use, and powerful. These programs may have fewer secondary features, however, but are often adequate for straightforward registry cleanup.

More expensive registry repair software, on the other hand, will usually include a number of other features and utilities as well. These typically include anti-spyware software, since spyware will often infect the registry on a computer, and defragmentation utilities for the registry on the computer. Such additional features can make the investment of purchasing such software worthwhile, and the additional options for registry repair provided by such software will often appeal to ongoing users as they become more comfortable with regular registry repair.

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    • It is easy to cause more problems when trying to fix a computer registry error.
      By: enens
      It is easy to cause more problems when trying to fix a computer registry error.