What are the Different Types of Rear Deltoid Exercises?

Marisa O'Connor

There are many different types of rear deltoid exercises that should be a part of everyone's workout routine. Rear-raise exercises and single-arm laterals are some very effective and essential exercises that can strengthen the rear shoulder muscles and help prevent injury. The rear deltoid fly and rowing are also great exercises to add to an upper body regimen, as the shoulders are often overlooked at the high price of injury.

The deltoid muscle is found on the shoulder.
The deltoid muscle is found on the shoulder.

One of the most popular rear deltoid exercises is called the rear-raise deltoid exercise. It involves sitting on a bench or standing while bending forward with dumbbells. To start, hold the arms straight forward, a dumbbell in each hand, and then slowly bring the elbows in toward each other behind the back. Pull the arms back as far as comfortable without letting the shoulders roll forward.

Another common and effective type of rear deltoid exercises are single-arm laterals. Standing up straight, with one dumbbell in one hand, begin by holding the weight with the arm parallel to the body. In one swift motion, lift the arm up so it is parallel to the ground, holding for a count of two before slowly releasing it back down toward the body. Some trainers recommend three sets on each arm of about 10 repetitions, increasing increments with experience.

The rear deltoid fly is another great exercise. It is most often done with a machine, but can also be done with free weights. On a machine, sit on a bench and grasp the handles on the machine with an overhand grip. Start the arms at an acute angle with the handles first in front of the body. Then pull the handles out and back slowly, pausing before beginning to roll the shoulders forward. Then slowly return the handles back to the starting position.

Rowing a boat or using an exercise machine that simulates rowing is also a type of rear deltoid exercise that should not be neglected. This is a great method for people who prefer to get their exercise outside of the gym. A person may not be able to fool the muscle groups that are being worked, but may be able to fool the mind into working out the shoulders by disguising it as a fun activity. Rowing works out the shoulders, arms, and chest muscles.

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