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What Are the Different Types of Psychiatry Services?

C.B. Fox
C.B. Fox

Most psychiatry services are provided to individual patients with mental health problems. These services can include diagnosing a patient with a disorder, helping that patient understand the disorder, and working with the patient to treat or manage the symptoms of the disorder. Psychiatrists may also work with a patient’s family to help them understand the condition and give them tools to deal with it appropriately.

Many different types of mental health problems can affect adults and children. These problems may be transitory, such as the depression that some experience after the loss of a loved one, or they may be conditions that will persist throughout the life of the patient, such as schizophrenia or autism. One of the most important psychiatry services that patients receive is the diagnosis of a mental health disorder. In many cases, effective treatment cannot begin until the problem is correctly identified.

Psychiatrists are medical doctors who treat mental illness.
Psychiatrists are medical doctors who treat mental illness.

Once a problem is identified, patients may benefit from therapy. Therapy gives patients a safe outlet to discuss their problems and also gives the psychiatrist a way to gather more information about the patient so that treatment can be tailored to the patient’s needs. In some cases, therapy may be passive, focusing on the thoughts and emotions of the patient and uncovering the reasons for them. Other types of therapy may focus on teaching patients social or real-world skills that they need in order to live as independently as possible. These therapy services will differ dramatically from patient to patient.

Psychiatrists are medical doctors specially trained in disorders that affect the mind. One of the psychiatry services that can only be provided by these professionals is the prescription of medications. Patients may be given medication to help them get through a difficult time or they may be placed on medication permanently as a way to prevent symptoms of mental health disorders, such as those caused by bipolar disorder, from interfering with the patient’s life.

Psychiatry services may also include an educational component. When a patient is mentally fit enough to understand the nature of his or her illness, the psychiatrist may help him or her learn about the disorder and what to expect from it. Family members may also be counseled in ways to communicate with or help patients. People with mental illnesses often interact with the community as well, so psychiatrists may offer psychiatry services to community members in the form of educational literature.

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    • Psychiatrists are medical doctors who treat mental illness.
      By: alexsokolov
      Psychiatrists are medical doctors who treat mental illness.