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What Are the Different Types of Pharmaceutical Internships?

Geri Terzo
Geri Terzo

The pharmaceutical industry is one in which there are different types of career choices to consider. Whether an individual is interested in sales, retail, or drug development, the rewards of this segment of health care are often great financially. Prior to finding employment, students can pursue pharmaceutical internships across research, sales, and drug making. Industry companies might visit different college campuses to educate students about the possibilities, or applications can often be found on the Internet.

Someone who is interested in exploring pharmaceutical internships should have a professional resume ready. Even if work experience is light, the corporation will be interested to see educational accomplishments as well as anything that might have been achieved in the workplace. A resume and an application may be the only things to get a student in the door for an interview, at which time the pharmaceutical company will be looking for attributes such as determination, eagerness, and professionalism.

Pharmaceutical internships may be involved in drug development.
Pharmaceutical internships may be involved in drug development.

Some of the largest and international drug makers offer internships to university students. Pharmaceutical companies, as in any industry, need to employ a finance department. For the student who is interested in pharmaceutical internships and also has an ability to excel with numbers, an internship in the accounting division may be a way to satisfy both interests.

Students who are interested in exploring pharmaceutical internships may major in pharmacy or may not. Some of the other related areas of study may include chemistry, biology, and animal science. Job tasks could range anywhere from research and development of new drugs being tested to treatment of diseases in addition to analysis and quality control. Sales are for the most personable of students because an internship in this field requires engaging in conversation daily with physicians and other pharmacy professionals.

Companies are often willing to take on interns because it is an opportunity to shape the future generation of an industry. Pharmaceutical internships are no different, and students who earn spots can expect to participate in a hands-on manner across different projects. In the best of situations, interns will learn to work as part of a team and will be expected to communicate with management executives. Programs are often offered over the summer months, and it is very possible that housing will be provided. Some pharmaceutical internships are paid assignments.

A pharmacy major could lead to working in a retail store where there is a pharmacy to fill prescriptions. Working along a certified pharmacist can serve as another education in itself. Watching a professional perform the mechanics of this job could prepare an intern for the workforce. This work experience would certainly strengthen a pharmacy student's resume and may contribute to greater confidence both in the classroom and on the job.

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    • Pharmaceutical internships may be involved in drug development.
      By: Gennadiy Poznyakov
      Pharmaceutical internships may be involved in drug development.