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What Are the Different Types of PA Qualifications?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen

Candidates interested in becoming a Personal Assistant (PA) should consider a combination of professional and educational experience to provide the skills often needed for this position. Educational PA qualifications can include a bachelor’s degree in a subject like business, though there are also forms of certification that can help someone qualify for this position. A professional background is also important as is prior work in an applicable field, such as experience working as a secretary or administrative assistant.

Unlike the requirements for some professions, such as teachers or doctors, PA qualifications are not terribly rigid and often depend on the needs of the person looking for an assistant. Education can be important for someone who wants to work as a PA, however, since a background in business can demonstrate general knowledge of professional practices. Time management and social skills are often vital PA qualifications, which may not always be taught in classes, but education can help reinforce these abilities.

A PA working.
A PA working.

Previous professional experiences are some of the most important PA qualifications that many employers look for. This work can take a number of forms, such as experience as an executive assistant or secretarial employment over several years. It is often best if this work took place in a similar or related field that someone wishes to enter. PA qualifications for a person who wants to become an assistant to an actor might include working for a musician or director. While an executive at a corporation may look for someone who has experience working with another corporate officer or politician.

There are a wide variety of potential fields that a personal assistant can work in. Education is much more important in some areas of work, such as those working in the medical field, for example. Additional education in medical terminology may be required for PA's in this area.

Professional licensure can also be a part of PA qualifications for interested candidates. This depends a great deal upon the area in which a person lives and wishes to be employed. Some countries may require licensure in some fields of work, and in some areas the license can be acquired at a regional level within the country. Previous work experience can also be a requirement within this field, though that depends on where someone wishes to work.

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    • A PA working.
      By: Peter Atkins
      A PA working.