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What Are the Different Types of Online Part-Time Jobs for Students?

Jeremy Laukkonen
Jeremy Laukkonen

There are many different types of online jobs that are available to students, including data entry, tutoring, and virtual assistant work. Some types of online part-time jobs for students are only available to people who have certain skills, while others require no specialized knowledge or abilities. Tutoring is one example of a part-time job that requires a great deal of specialized knowledge, and graduate students can often find work helping undergrads who are struggling in their chosen fields. Data entry jobs typically require nothing but good typing skills, while virtual assistant work can involve a wide variety of different tasks. In order for a student to work part-time as a virtual assistant, he will typically need to be available during business hours and commit to working a certain number of hours each week.

Students are often in need of part-time work for a variety of reasons, depending on their financial situations. Some students need to work in order to pay for tuition, while others are simply looking for some spending money. Since students need to structure their work hours around class schedules, it can sometimes be difficult to find good part-time jobs. Many companies in college towns like to hire students, but the Internet is another good place to look for part-time work.

Waiting tables is a part time job that typically can be fit in with a student's class schedule.
Waiting tables is a part time job that typically can be fit in with a student's class schedule.

The different kinds of online part-time jobs for students can be broken down into a number of broad categories. One common type of part-time job that is often a good fit for students is data entry. This type of job requires no specialized knowledge, and the pay is typically low in comparison to other part-time jobs. The ability to type quickly and accurately can help a student secure this type of job, and can also potentially increase his wages. Since these jobs typically have no set working hours, this type of work can usually be structured quite easily around a busy class schedule.

Virtual assistant work typically pays better than data entry, though these positions are usually more structured as well. In order to get this type of job, a student typically needs to be able to write and communicate well, and usually has to commit to working a certain number of hours each week. The hours are typically flexible, and the specific job requirements can vary from one position to another. Some virtual assistants read and answer email, write website content, perform research, and handle a variety of other tasks.

Some online part-time jobs for students require more specialized knowledge. One example is tutoring, which can be a great fit for students who are very well versed in one particular subject. Online tutors can often find work helping other students with foreign languages, math, and various scientific disciplines. Since these part-time jobs involve interacting directly with other students, the work schedules are typically more rigid and defined than other types of online jobs.

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@KoiwiGal - Honestly, if I could have gotten an online job when I was a student I would have been grateful. It was difficult to get any kind of work that wasn't at a terrible place and working at fast food restaurants didn't exactly help my resume either.

But, beggars and students can't really be choosers.


@Ana1234 - That does depend on the kind of online job though. If you are tutoring people online, particularly through a parent company, it can end up being a very social enterprise.

A part-time job that is facilitated by being online doesn't necessarily have to completely exist in cyber-space either. There are plenty of websites out there now where you can advertise your skills and get work that might be virtual or not or a combination of the two.

I also sell art online as a kind of part-time job and it's led me to meet quite a few interesting people and make numerous contacts over the years.


Online work can be great for students, but it's not something I'd recommend to someone who is just starting at a new school. Getting part time work isn't just about the money. You also need to build up experience and contacts and meet new people outside your classes.

Online work can sometimes provide these things, but working in a local shop or business is far more likely to do so.

If you just work online for your entire student career, you're really going to miss out on one of the more important parts of university life and your resume may suffer as well.

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    • Waiting tables is a part time job that typically can be fit in with a student's class schedule.
      By: Kablonk Micro
      Waiting tables is a part time job that typically can be fit in with a student's class schedule.