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What Are the Different Types of Online Marketing Tools?

Page Coleman
Page Coleman

Online marketing tools include websites, blogs, banner and mobile advertising, affiliate marketing, newsletters, and social media. Other online marketing approaches include podcasts, video, and coupons. Reporting and analytic tools help organizations refine their marketing strategies for the greatest effect.

Websites are common online marketing tools. A company may develop an informational website to enhance its brand. E-commerce websites are specialized for selling products. Other websites generate leads with the intention of building relationships that later lead to sales of products or services. Niche marketing websites strive to deliver expert information on a very specific topic, usually a purchasable product.

Woman doing a handstand with a computer
Woman doing a handstand with a computer

Blogs can be used by individuals or organizations as online marketing tools. They are usually more casual than websites, and readers may feel a personal relationship with the blog author. A blog may establish the blogger’s expertise around a product or service, and readers may visit the blog when purchasing.

Banner ads are another online marketing tool. These ads are placed on other organizations’ websites. They target a demographic that is likely to visit a particular website and have interest in the advertised product.

Mobile advertisements display on mobile devices, such as smart phones. Although similar to traditional website banner ads, mobile ads are usually smaller and simpler. These ads typically target a specific demographic.

Affiliate marketing programs make use of partners to market a product or service. The affiliate may place coded ads on its site, and when users select the ads they are directed to the advertiser’s site to purchase. The affiliate accrues earnings, which may be based on click throughs or purchases.

Email newsletters, when well-done, are a proven online marketing tool. Newsletters that are filled with useful information will be welcomed. If the user doesn’t find the newsletter useful, he may consider it spam.

Many organizations find social media networks are inexpensive online marketing tools. The organization should choose a platform that aligns with its target audience. It can then provide viewers with useful information, offer special promotions, and invite prospects to events.

Podcasting and videos can be used for online marketing and can increase its reach. Podcasts can be downloaded and listened to using an audio player when the listener is away from a computer or mobile device. Videos may demonstrate the use of products more effectively than text and still graphics. These methods also reach people who may not care to read.

Electronic coupons are business tools that evolved from print. Advertisers can work with online coupon providers to establish campaigns to promote their products or services. The services usually report the results.

Reporting and analytics tools are important types of online marketing tools. These tools allow the advertiser to review the effectiveness of his marketing approaches. Web site analytics, social media insights, and coupon campaign results are some examples of reporting and analytics tools.

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    • Woman doing a handstand with a computer
      Woman doing a handstand with a computer